WW Nimmo Family Bible

Contributed by Mary Bright Hunter Young
ŠJanuary 27, 2002

Note: Bible pages from the WW Nimmo Bible were originally photocopied by Jessie Beatrice Nimmo Hunter and found in her genealogy records. This is a transcription from that copy by Mary Bright Hunter Young.


W.W.Nimmo was borned February 2nd 1847
Gracie M. Franklin born Aug. 23, 1898
Mandy G. Franklin born Sept. 30, 1900
Howard N. Franklin born March 4, 1902
Thomas Franklin born Aug. 29, 1904
Lolla M. Franklin born Jan. 4, 1907
Virgle B. Franklin born 11-27-1910
Eva Lena Nimmo born April 15, 1875
Willie Gary Mitchell born Jan. 19, 1894
Olie Franklin Mitchell born Aug. 5, 1896
John Foster Mitchell born Aug. 27, 1898
James Monroe Mitchell born Oct. 6, 1900
Erma Lee Mitchell born Feb. 21, 1902
Joe Mitchell born Oct. 16, 1872
Benjamin Alexander Franklin born Feb. 1, 1852
Lizzie B. Franklin born June 18, 1877
A. L. (or C.) Morris born Jan. 4, 1864
Rudolph Morris born March 2, 1888
Lena Morris born Nov. 2, 1892
Charles S. Nimmo born Sept. 6, 1872


Joseph J. Mitchell and Lena Hollis were married September 17, 1892. After his death Lena married William Nimm in 1904


Willie Gary Mitchell died Aug. 19, 1912
W.W.Nimmo departed this life the 19 of Dec. 1907 Blessed is the one that died in the Lord for They shall see God it is our last and thy eternal gain.
J.J.Mitchell died Aug. 29, 1903


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