John McMurty Sr. Bible Record

John McMurty Sr. Bible Record

Contributed by Laurie Shaft

As part of her case to obtain a Revolutionary War Widow's pension, Margaret "Peggy" Gomer McMurtry, the widow of John McMurtry Sr, was required to prove their marriage. As part of that proof, pages were taken from the family's Bible and submitted. The following was obtained from photocopies of the Bible pages that are part of the Revolutionary War Pension records:


John McMurtry Sr was born February 15, 1753
Peggy Gomer was born Aug 1st, 1765

Henry McMurtry was born December 6th, 1781
Jean McMurtry was born Monday October 18, 1784
John McMurtry Junor was born March 10th, 1787
James McMurtry was born Tuesday December 22, 1789
Mary McMurtry was born June 15, 1796
Asa McMurtry was born May 1st,1798
Peggy McMurtry was born October 18, 1806


James McMurtry died Tuesday February 10, 1795 at 5 years 1 month
John McMurtry Senior died ... March 16, 1841 at 89 years 1 month


John McMurtry and Peggy his wife was married Tuesday, January 29, 1781

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