Maben Anderson Marlowe Pulpit Bible

Maben Anderson Marlowe
Pulpit Bible

Contributed by
Nancy Trice

                      THE LATEST ILLUSTRATED
                           FAMILY BIBLE
                          CONTAINING THE
                      OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS,
  and with the former Translation Deligently Compared and Revised
                        To which are appended
 A concordance, the Psalms of David in Metre, selections from Bible Lyrics
                               and also
                   An Illustrated Bible Dictionary

C F Vent, New York and Cincinnati
Hubbard Bros, Philadelphia        E Hannaford & Co, Cinncinnati & Chicago
J S Goodman, Chicago              F A Hutchinson & Co, St Louis

Rev. Maben Anderson Marlow born June 20th 1825
Artemissia Annetta Long born June 5th 1825 and married to Rev. M A 
Marlow Nov 21, 1841

M A Marlow, professed faith in Christ, August 12, 1872 at Mt. Sharon 
Robertson Co, Tenn joined the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at the 
same meeting, was received in the care of Nashville Presbyterry in the 
spring of 1844.  Was licensed to preach by Charlotte Presbytery in the 
spring of 1846. Ordained to the whole work of the Mininstry in the
fall of 1848.

Junia Izetta Marlowe was married to Walter Schoenbeck Nov 6, 1918
in the Episcopal Church of St. George, St. Louis, Mo. To them were
born two daughters and one son.
June Edith Schoenbeck Aug 16, 1919 married Lester Hobbie Nov 21, 1940.
Walter Charles Schoenbeck, Sept 13, 1920, married Ruth April 5, 1942.
Glenna Dorothy Schoenbeck Oct 19, 1921 married Donald Kowalski
Nov 1944.
William Bryan Marlowe married Evelyn Zanelli in New York Dec 23, 1919.
Clara Elizabeth Marlowe married Henry Carl Brockmiller in Waterloo,
Ill Jan 21, 1922.
Nellie Frances Marlowe married Grant Spicer Aug 1920. To them were
born two girls and two boys. Maranel Spicer Nov 9, 1921 married William 
Oct 19, 1940. Earl Roger Spicer Nov 9, 1922 married Lola, Oct 19, 1941.
Jack Marlowe Spicer Aug 30, 1924.
Shirley Spicer April 13, 1927.

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                    All Whom It May Concern
                          Be it Known:
             That on the 21st day of November in the
             One-Thousand Eight Hundred & Forty One
 At the residence of Mrs Celia Long in Sumner County, Tennessee
                        The Subscriber
                      United in Marriage
            M A Marlow        &       Annette A Long
Witness my hand seal John L Payne

             M A Marlow               A A Long
             witness                  witness
             John Shannon             Henry Dillon

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Finis Ewing Marlow and Mary Ezetta Thornton were married at St Louis
Mo on the 3rd day of July AD 1889 by the Rev. J S Kirtley


Amanda Elizabeth Marlow, born Jan 18, 1851 baptised by Rev. Thomas
Calhoun Sept 28 1851. Professed religion August 1865. Married to
D B Smith, at Metropolis Ill by Rev P T Wells 1871.

Laura Caroline Marlow was born May 5, 1853 baptised by Rev W D Chadick,
professed religion August 1865. Married to I B Wolfe Sept 11, 1875
by Rev W E McMackin.

Finis Ewing Marlow was born March 12, 1858 Baptised by Rev. Joel
Lambert, 1858 at Henderson Ky professed religion at Salem Ill Jan 1875.

Robert Donnel Marlow born March 20th 1860. Baptised by Rev W C Love
professed religion Jan 1875.

Mary Leigh Marlow born Dec 27th 1863 Baptised by Milton Bird DD.
Professed religion at Fairfield Ill 1878

Thomas Hunter Marlow born April 30th 1865. Baptised by Milton Bird, DD.

Howard Thornton Marlow, son of F E and M I Marlow, born at St Louis, Mo
Aug 3rd 1890.

William Bryon Marlow, born at Trinidad Colo Aug 11, 1892.

Clara Elizabeth Marlow born at St Louis Mo Nov 6, 1894.

Junia Izetta Marlowe born at St Louis Mo Feb 14th, 1897.

Nellie Frances Marlowe born at Maplewood Mo, Oct 22d 1901


Artimassia Annetta Marlow died at Salem Ill Nov 23, 1879. She was one
of the purest and noblest of woman kind. She died suddenly and without
pain as far as can be known.

Rev. M A Marlow Departed this life May First AD 1886.


Maben Anderson Marlows pulpit bible was in the possession of his grand-
daughter, Mrs Junia Izetta Marlowe Schoenbeck, Cedar Hills, Mo. in 1981.  
This bible was so fragile a zerox copy could not be made, so I 
transcribed it during a visit to Junia "June" Schoenbeck in 1981. I also 
took a couple of snapshots of the bible, propped up in a chair.  Although 
nothing can be read in the pictures, it is obvious that it is a bible.  
At the time of my visit in 1981, June was living with her daughter June
Hobbie who was in poor health.  June Hobbie died a year or two after my
visit and June Schoenbeck moved to Hawaii to live with her daughter
Glenna.  Her son Walter lived in the St Louis area at the time.  I do
not have any further information on any of them.

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