Alfred Cage Key Bible

Alfred Cage Key Bible Bible

Contributed by Sandy Key

Copied from a bible record on file at the Sumner Co. Archives under the Key surname file. In 1956 the Key family Bible was owned by Mr. David Bates of Bethpage, Sumner Co, TN.


A.C.Key was born 1810
Elizabeth Key was born April 29th 1811
Martha Key was born August 4th 1833
Sarah E. Key was born May 18th 1835
Mahala J. Key was born Feb. 20th 1837
Zoritha Key was born May 5th 1839
Nancy Ann Key was born Nov. 5th 1841
William T (?) Key was born March 6th 1844
Lucinda Key was born Sept. 15th 1848

Different writing
Benj. F. Key was born Sept. 27th 1875
Nannie Lue Key was Borned March 19th 1873
Eugene Key was born Sept. 30th 1875
Belle Watts was born June 18th 1884
different writing
Joseph Burnice Brown McNeill was born March the 8th 1835
John Cage McNeill was born december the 16th 1856
Sarah E. McNeill was born April the 24th 1858
Mary Morgan McNeill was born June the 12th 1859
William R. Defress was born June 14 1837
Zoritha Key Defrees was born May 5 1839
Georgetter Defrees was born Jan 22 1863


A.C. Key and Elizabeth White were married Oct. 3, 1832
Wesley West and Sarah Key were married _______1855
Joseph McNeill and Mahala Jane Key were married Dec. 20th 1855
William R. Defrees and Zoritha Key were Married June 25 1861
W. F. Key and Mollie E. Long were married Nov. 17th 1870
A.J. Watts & Mary E. Key was married Feb. 28, 1882


Elizabeth Key died Aug. 4th 1856
A.C.Key died Aug the 26' 1858
Nannie Loue Key died Sept the 20th 1874
Eugene Key Died Nov. 11th 1876
Wm. F. Key died Aug. 17th 1876
Martha Key died Sept 24th 1838
Sarah E. West died December 25th 1851 (?)
Mahala Jane McNeil died July the 11th 1859 (?)
Mary Morgan McNeill died September the 6th 1859
Zuritha defrees died April the 20 1857 (1868?)
Willima Defrees Died March 22 1870
Lucinda Key died Dec 16th 1871 (?)

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