PItt Family Bible

James Henry Green Pitt Family Bible

Contributed by
Anne S. Lawrence
© 2009

Note: Information on grandchildren born after 1930 was removed for privacy reasons.


Items recorded in the Bible

Papers and Items found between pages of the Bible


(My notes are in parentheses – If there is a word that I cannot read I have placed (?) after the word. I am Anne St. Clair Carmichael Francis Lawrence. My mother was Ruth St. Clair Pitt Carmichael; her parents were James Henry Green Pitt and Annie Lee Harper Pitt.)



Items recorded in the Bible





Name                                                 Place of Birth                                    Date of Birth

James Henry Green Pitt               Adairville Ky                          Aug. 22 – 1885


            Date of Marriage                  Date of Death

            July 19 – 1908                      March 19 – 1965     


Name                                                 Place of Birth                                    Date of Birth

Annie Lee Harper Pitt                    Cottontown Tenn                 Feb. 8 – 1887


Date of Marriage                  Date of Death

            July 19 – 1908                      May 25 – 1958


Name                                                 Place of Birth                                    Date of Birth

Lucy Margaret Pitt                          Cottontown Tenn                 Apr. 20 – 1913


            Date of Marriage                  Date of Death

            Aug. 10, 1935                      


Name                                                 Place of Birth                                    Date of Birth

Ruth St. Clair Pitt                            Cottontown Tenn                 Nov. 30 – 1921


            Date of Marriage                  Date of Death

            Jan. 14, 1938                        Feb. 22, 1975




Mother Maggie E. Reed died March 23 – 1926

   (this is Margret E. Amos Pitt Reed, the mother of James Henry Green Pitt)


Annie Lee Pitt died May 25 – 1958


Papers and Items found between pages of the Bible




Isaac Sumner Harper                      April 10, 1856


Lucy Jane Meguiar                          Nov 8, 1862


Annie Lee Harper                            Feb 8, 1887


Lena Mai Harper                              Aug 12, 1892


William Eelbet Harper                     Oct. 8, 1898

     (sp. - Should be Elbert)


Infant Son of

     Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Harper            Sept. 28, 1903


Fannie Griffin Harper                      Jan. 10, 1906




Isaac Sumner Harper to Lucy J. Meguiar                                    Feb. 4, 1886


James Henry Pitt to Annie L. Harper                                July 19, 1908


Joseph Edgar Johnson to Lena M. Harper                     Mar 30, 1916


William E. Harper to Anna Katherine Smith                   Jan. 12, 1924


James Wesley McCullough to Fannie Griffin Harper   July 18, 1926



Grand Childrens Births


Lucy Margert Pitt                              April 20, 1913


Alice Meguiar Johnson                  Sept. 26, 1918


Ruth St. Clair Pitt                             Nov 30, 1921


Anna Katherine Harper                  Oct 10, 1924 (died at birth, Chattanooga, TN)


Fannie Harper McCullough Jr.     Dec 6, 1927


James Wesley McCullough Jr.      Mar 2, 1929


William Elbert Harper Jr.                 Sept 4, 1929


      (James Wesley McCullough and Fannie Griffin Harper had two other children –

      Carolyn, who married a Myers, and Tom, who married a Wright)




Dudley Beechum (?) Meguiar to Fannie                         Dec. 26, 1859

  (these are the parents of Lucy Jane Meguiar Harper;

  the mother’s name was Fannie A. Griffin --- her parents MAY have been

  Benjamin Griffin who married Lucey Gregory on Feb. 19, 1837 – NOT YET CONFIRMED)


John A. Boyd to Fannie A. Meguiar                     Feb. 8, 1866


J. C. McKelly to Martha Elizabeth Meguiar         Feb 26, 1882


Isaac Sumner Harper to Lucy Jane Meguiar      Feb 4, 1886


John Dudley Boyd to Alice B. Cooley                  Dec. 27, 1898


John Dudley Boyd to Nannie F. Briggance        Dec 21, 1896


(John Dudley Boyd, Sr., Born Jan 21, 1869, Died May 26, 1950 – Buried at Hillcrest Cemetery, White House, TN)

(Nannie Briggance Boyd, Born July 1, 1878; Died Dec. 10, 1950 – Buried at Hillcrest Cemetery, White House, TN)




Infant Son of Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Harper     Feb 1, 1904


Isaac Sumner Harper                                  July 7, 1919


Lucy Jane Harper                                        June 14, 1930


Items found between pages of the Bible


(One Cent Stamp Post Card addressed to Mrs. J. H. Pitt, Cottontown, Tenn., postmarked Nashville, April 20, 1928, 5:30 PM. The writer is Lucy Jane Meguiar Harper, Mother of Annie Lee Harper Pitt. In her letter, Lucy used parentheses twice.)



Apr 20

Dear Children, Do not think I will try to come home Sunday as I have a cold (or a light case of flu do not know which). Dee and Frankie do not want me to try to come until I get better. I may come Sunday week (Apr 29) will try to write a gain in a few days. Write to me as soon as you can & let me know how Annie and Ruth are for I feel so uneasy about them. If they do not get along alright let me know it. Frankie has flue. Write to me soon. With love to each of you as ever, Mother


(across the top of the letter is a post script)  Frankie & I are up but are not feeling well.


(Letter from William Elbert Harper, Chattanooga, TN Oct., 12, 1924)


Chattanooga, Tenn

Oct 12 – 24

Dear Homefolks,

Well I guess that you all our fussing because I haven’t written, But I just haven’t had any time.

Katherine is doing just fine considering what she has been thru with. She slept good last night and has been feeling good today.

Kitty got sick last Wed. about 10 a.m. and the baby was borned at 2:30 Fri eve. The baby was too large to be born And the Dr. had to use his instruments to bring the baby and in doing so it cost the baby’s life, But if he hadn’t it would have killed baby & mother too.

We buried the baby in Greenwood Cemetery yesterday about 3 o’clock.

We had a trained nurse, and a practical nurse too. Katherine’s mother got here at 2 a.m. Sat. I guess that she will stay until Kitty gets well.

How are you all feeling. Has mother’s eyes got alright?

Well Let us hear from you all

With Love



Small envelope with a broken glasses lenses. On envelope in pre-printed

Old Material and Lenses





A very small envelope and letter that was probably enclosed in a regular letter.

Front of envelope:


Alice Meguiar


                                                            Miss Ruth Pitt



Page 1

Sunday 12:25

Dear Ruth,

   Is it cold up there? It surely is here. The milk even froze.

   They have History in the fifth grade down here. Mother’s room is making a book about Washington now.

   Evelyn said she liked her little baby sister all right. She is surely cute I think.

   I haven’t seen Alene in ever so long but guess she is all O.K.

   I think your grades are fine. When is your school out? We are in hopes our school will go on the full nine months.

   I have subscribed fro the “American Girl.” It is a real

Page 2

good little magazine published by the girl Scouts. Any one who pleases may subscribe for it though.

   I had a book report on “Oliver Twist” in English and a test in Algebra both Friday. Had a science test Thursday. I hope to make a good grade in science this month because I get 5 extra points. The science teacher had a star with two lines around it. He said he would give five extra points to everyone who could draw between the lines without looking on the paper but looking at its reflection in the mirrow. About five or six of us did it. (Haven’t heard any of my other grades)

   I got me a new pair of slippers week before last. They are a kind of a bone with a tie.

Page 3

   Mrs. Young is not doing much business now but she is as good as ever.

   Write to me real, real, real soon.

With love & kisses,

Alice Meguiar


Schedule – Winter Quarter 1931-32, Registration January 1, 1932   (this appears to be a High School or College Class Schedule; no name or location on it)


Pre-printed envelope:



                                                            131 – 133 Second Ave., N.



A one-page Order Blank to the Jack Daniel’s Old Time Distillery, Telephone Man 405


A 4-page pamphlet with descriptions and prices of Sour Mash Whisky and Brandy

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