J. H. Caldwell Family Bible

J. H. Caldwell Bible

Contributed by
Durham Caldwell
© 2002

A later Bible, published in 1872, is in the possession of my first cousin, Linda Harper Carmicle of Plano, Texas. It was apparently the Bible of our grandparents, J. H. and Lily Dye Caldwell, and came down to Linda through her mother, Mary Frank Caldwell Harper. Linda believes the early entries were made by J. H. Caldwell because the deaths of his parents and siblings are listed and Granny's family is not listed. Later entries were made by Mary Frank and, after her death, by Linda.


Hardy Caldwell Jr. Jan. 5, 1835
Frances E. Caldwell Jan. 24, 1843
R. W. Caldwell April 29, 1867
J. H. Caldwell Oct. 10, 1868
A. B. Caldwell July 26, 1870
A. S. Caldwell July 2, 1874
C. W. Y. Caldwell Aug. 1, 1880
O. E. A. Caldwell July 8, 1883
Lily Dye Caldwell March 19, 1882
W. G. Caldwell Dec. 3, 1898
E. D. Caldwell Dec. 6, 1900
Joe Hayden Caldwell July 19, 1903
Virginia Frances Caldwell May 29, 1910
Mary F. Caldwell Feb. 4, 1917
Linda F. Harper Oct. 20, 1937
Roxanna L. Carmicle Dec. 1, 1957
Jerry Noel Carmicle April 17, 1960R Angela Sue Lynch Feb. 8, 1979
Daniel Noel Lynch July 13, 1981


O. E. A. Caldwell May 29, 1884
A. S. Caldwell July 4, 1919
Hardy Caldwell Jan. 19, 1912
Frances Caldwell Jan. 22, 1916
Allen B. Caldwell Sept. 13, 1916
Robert W. Caldwell Jan. 31, 1930
Edwin Dye Caldwell July 14, 1945
J. H. Caldwell Sept. 9, 1946
Lily Dye Caldwell Sept. 8, 1947
Joe Hayden Caldwell Jan. 1, 1965
C. W. Caldwell (no date entered)
W. G. Caldwell July 12, 1983
Noel F. Harper, Jr. August 4, 1986
Mary C. Harper September 6, 1992
Virginia C. Bashaw October 10, 1995
Jerry Noel Carmicle August 12, 1999


Joseph Henry Caldwell and Lily Durham Dye Jan. 6, 1898
William Guthrie Caldwell and Harriet Arenovski Oct. 10, 1924
Joe Hayden Caldwell and Helen Baier Nov. 26, 1931
Virginia F. Caldwell and Douglas Keen Dec. 25, 1929
Mary F. Caldwell and Noel F. Harper Jr. March 22, 1936
Linda F. Harper and Jerrel B. Carmicle June 2, 1956
Roxanna Linn Carmicle and Michael Gary Lynch July 8, 1978

(NOTE: The non-chronological order of some of the entries makes it appear that the entries were made long after the events, probably not until sometime in the 1930s for the earliest ones. None of Edwin Caldwell's three marriages are listed, and only the third of Joe Hayden's three. Note the listing of Little Hardy as Hardy Caldwell Jr. under births. Nowhere in any of the Bibles is a wedding date given for Hardy and Frances. The May 1867 date in family tree listings seems unlikely given son Robert's birth in April 1867 not impossible, just unlikely. Charles William Caldwell died July 22, 1956.)

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