John Daniel Bradley Bible

John Daniel Bradley Bible

Submitted by Sarah Bradley Huff

The Bible is in the posession of the Wilbur Keith Bradley, Jr. Family (my father). John Daniel Bradley is my great great Grandfather. He and his brother Thomas W. both moved to Gustine, California. However, all of the information contained in the Bible relates to the John D. Family only.
Some information from this bible is not included due to privacy reasons.


John D. Bradley m. Sarah A. Harmon
October 19, 1854
William T. Bradley m. Frances J. Leek
April 23, 1879
B. J. Bither m. Ada J Bradley
December 27 1883
Warren A. Bradley m. Ada Etta Swearingen
September 20, 1893


John D. Bradley
October 24, 1833
Sarah A. Harmon
December 16, 1837
William T. Bradley
December 10, 1855
Adelia A. Bradley
June 29, 1859
Ada J. Bradley
December 17, 1861
Hattie A. Bradley
March 21, 1864
Warren A. Bradley
November 13, 1868
Winnifred Orelia Bradley
November 9, 1894
Howard Swearingen Bradley
December 14, 1900
Wilbur Keith Bradley
August 10, 1905


Hattie A. Bradley
December 21, 1869
Adelia A Bradley
January 31, 1870
Ada J. Bither
February 2, 1921
John D. Bradley
August 30, 1923
Sarah A. Bradley
December 24, 1924
Warren A. Bradley
July 12, 1929
Howard S. Bradley
August 26, 1931


Winnifred Orelia Bradley m. William Robert Woods Sr.
February 13, 1915
William Robert Woods Jr.
January 25, 1916
Winnifred Ross Woods
March 19, 1919
Warren A. Woods born 2/13/1921
Wilbur Howard Woods born 5/21/1922
Francis Monroe Woods
October 1, 1928

William R. Woods Sr.
Died March 1939

William R. Woods Jr. married Florence Borridori
Warren A. Woods married Adeline Bello
Winnifred Woods married Robert Pimentel

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