Heermans Bible Records

Heermans Bible Records

Contributed and Transcribed by
DeAnne A. Shelley


Note: The following bible record comes from TSL&A
Microfilm #81 Historical Records Project,
Official Project No. 65-44-1499. Copied
under Work's Progress Administration, June 20, 1936

Heermans Bible Records
Copied from a Bible dated 1850 owned by The Lucus Family.
Residence West Main St., Gallatin, TN.

Sylvanus Heermans & Hester E. Lucus married 15 December 1841 at Mrs. M. Lucus
near Gallatin. Signed Rev. R. Hatton. Martha Lucus wife of Charles Lucus was born Aug. 20, 1792 in Culpepper Co, VA.
Charles Lucus born March 10, 1785 in Hallifax Co., VA died May 9, 1839.
Sylvanus Heermans born July 15, 1817 Gallatin, Sumner Co, Tennessee.
Hester E. Heermans born April 13, 1822 near Fountain Head, Sumner County.
John Charles Heermans born Feb. 22, 1843, Mitchellville, Tennessee.
Mary Louise Heermans born Dec. 10, 1844 in Mitchellville.
Addison Heermans born Oct. 12, 1846 in Mitchellville. Died Oct. 14, 1846.
Sarah Katherine Heermans born Sept. 28, 1847 in Mitchellville.
William Sylvanus Heermans born 19 Nov. 1849 in Mitchellville, died Sept. 27, age 10 months.
Madison Enfield born 28 Sept. 1851 Mitchellville.
Martha Ann Heermans born Dec. 22, 1855 in Mitchellville, Tennessee.
Laura Francis Heermans born April 27, 1858.
Henry Clay Heermans born Aug. 11, 1860.
Benfield Madeline Heermans born Nov. 8, 1863.
Father of Sylvanus Heermans, John Heermans born Jan. 28, 1788 in Pa.
Sarah Heermans, Mother of Sylvanus Heermans, born Nov. 9, 1799 in Rockingham County in North Carolina. Died June 1873.
Martha Lucus, mother of Hester E. Heermans born Aug. 20, 1792 in Cullpepper Co, VA.
Charles Lucus, father of Hester E. Heermans born March 10, 1786 in Hallifax Co, VA.
Hester Heermans fied Nov. 11, 1893. Gallatin, TN.

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