Guilford Dudley & Elizabeth (Wallace) Read Bible "Supplement"

Guilford Dudley & Elizabeth (Wallace) Read Bible "Supplement"

Contributed by
Linda Read Chesser

© 2002

One folded, torn, and time-worn piece of paper was found inside the Guilford Dudley and Elizabeth (Wallace) Read Bible with notes written in pencil. It was copied as written by Mary Jane (Hunter) Read's hand including spelling and grammatical errors. Her husband William Oliver Read (1853-1916 Sumner Co.) was a grandson of Guilford and Elizabeth Read through Guilford's oldest son, William Benjamin (1829-1904) and his 1st wife M. Amanda (Morris) Read (c.1833-1864 Davidson Co.).

Transcribed by Linda (Read) Chesser, great-granddaughter of W.O. and Mary (Hunter) Read and granddaughter of Oliver Witham Read (1893-1975) and Birdie Elizabeth Perdue (1896-1958), daughter of George A. and Flora L. (Brown) Perdue and descendants of Luke Perdue and Leonard Brown, respectively.

W.O. and Mary (Hunter) Read had nine children.
(All that follow were born in Sumner Co. TN).

William Oliver Read and Mary Jane Hunter
was married on the first day of December
in the year 1879
Transcriber's Note: Mary Jane Hunter (1860-1944) was the youngest daughter of Calvin and Sarah Ann (Mayes Hunter).

William Gilford Read was born on the 26th day
of May (thursday) in the year 1881.
Transcriber's Note: "Guil" married Virginia Brister.

John Quincy Read was born on the 20th day
of September in the year 1883
Transcriber's Note: Never married due to illness.

Charles Dudly Read was born on the 26th day
of July in the year 1885
Transcriber's Note: "Dud" married Florence ____?

Fanny Suzen Read was born 20th day of may
in the year 1888
Transcriber's Note: Susie married Clarence L. Parker

Ben Read was born Feb 17th 1891
Transcriber's Note: Died young.

Oliver Witham Read was born Oct 28
Transcriber's Note: "Ollie" m. 2nd widow Eva Joan Shanklin in 1962.

Opie Bell Read was born April 25 1897
Transcriber's Note: He married Lizzie Parker, sister of C. L. Parker above.

George Washington Read was born Aug 1th 1899
Transcriber's Note: He married Lillian Trammell.

Mattie Jane Read
Born July 21th 1902
Transcriber's Note: She died before she was 10. (End of record. L.R.C.)

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