Byram Family Bible

Byram Family Bible

Contributed by William Tidwell

This Bible is about 150-200 years old. This Bible was originally possessed by Simon and Thamer (Stark) Byram. It was then passed to their youngest son, John Byram and his wife Delana (Dempsey) Byram. They in turn passed it to their son William A.W. Byram. He passed it to his son William Johnson Byram, who passed it to his grandson, my father, Philip Harrison Tidwell.

There is no copyright date in the Bible. I have typed the entries exactly as they appear with spelling corrections.

Family Records


Simon Byram was born March 3, 1775
Thamer Byram was born April 5, 1773
Noah Byram, son of the above, was born July 2, 1795
Lemuel Byram was born Sep. 7, 1799
Tabitha Byram was born Aug. 27, 1801
Bethania Byram was born July 6, 1802
Weeden Byram was born March 3, 1804
Katherine Byram was born Nov. 8, 1805
George Byram was born Sept. 25, 1806
Sarah Byram was born June 28, 1809
Prudence Byram was born Feb. 7, 1811
Mary Byram was born Aug. 14, 1812
John Byram was born Aug. 11, 1814
Delany Byram was born November 5, 1814
George S. Byram was born December 24, 1838
Susan E. Byram was born April 29, 1840
Sarah A. Byram was born November 7, 1841
Mary C. Byram was born the 12 Sept. 1843
John B.W. Byram was born December the 1, 1845
James Thomas Byram, son of George Byram, dec., was born Sep. 2, 1832.
George Wm. Byram, son of same, was born Jan. 19, 1835
Thamer D. Byram was born 30 December 1847.
Sophia (?) W. Byram was born the 14 December 1849
Eliza J. Byram was born Jan. (?) 1852
Melvin D. Byram was born June 22, 1854
W.A.W. Byram was born Aug. 11, 1856 Died May 1939
Orville C. Byram born May 26, 1859

John Stark, father of Thamer Byram, was born Nov. 22, 1748 and deceased 16 May 1814.

Sarah Stark, mother of the same, was born July 4, 1749, and dec. Sep. 28, 1820


George Byram deceased Oct. 18, 1834
Sarah Byram died September the 25, 1841
Polly Byram (Dempsy) deceased Sept. 22nd, 1846
Prudence Stark departed this life the 27 of May 1827.
Weeden Byram departed this life July 9, 1850
Noah Byram departed this life August 9, 1853.
Thamer Byram died October 29th 1857
Simon Byram died November 25, 1857


Susan E. Byram was married Aug. 5, 1856, Aged 16 years.

John Stark and Sarah Stark death dates are under "Births" as written in Bible.

Mary Byram, 10th child of Simon and Thamer in Births is same as Polly Byram in Deaths.

The maiden name of Delany Byram, wife of John Byram, is "Dempsey". She is the daughter of George Dempsey and Mary Polly Brigance. She is also the only spouse of Simon and Thamer's children listed in the Bible.

Thamer will often be spelled Tamer or Tamor in records.

Prudence Stark, in the death records, died May 27, 1827. Prudence was the sister of Thamer Byram, and daughter of John Carter Stark and his wife Sarah English. She was named after her grandmother, Prudence Thornton English. Prudence Stark is not to be confused with Prudence Stark Byram, daughter of Thamer and Simon, who of course, was named after her.

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