Brasier (Brazier) Family Bible

Contributed by Mary Bright Hunter Young
ŠJanuary 20, 2002

Bible Records
Certified Copies--Publisher: New York: American Bible Society, 1855

Original Owner--Alexander Green Brasier - dated January 15, 1858
Present Owner--Mary Bright Hunter Young, daughter of Jessie Beatrice Nimmo Hunter (great-niece of Alexander G. Brasier) who passed it down to her.


Alexander G. Brasier was bourn October the 29th, 1837
Nicholas James Brasier was bourn February the 3rd, 1839
William Franklin Brasier was bourn June the 11th, 1841
Zachariah Pitts Brasier was bourn October the 7th, 1842 *
Elizabeth Ann Brasier was bourn October the 7th, 1844
Ovel Dillard Brasier was bourn November the 22, 1842
Zachariah Brasier was bourn December the 19th, 1812


Zachariah Brasier departed this life in the year of our Lord March the 29th, 1846
Mary Brasier died Nov 7th, 1859

* Margin note calls him "Toby"


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