William Nicholas Baulch Family Bible

Contributed by Mary Bright Hunter Young
ŠJanuary 20, 2002

Note: The Baulch Family Bible was originally owned by William Nicholas Baulch (1837-1913) and his wife, Elizabeth Ann Brazier (1844-1921).

Bible Records
Certified Copies--Publisher: The National Publishing Company, Ziegler & McCurdy, Jones Brothers & Co., 1870

Original Owner--William Nicholas Baulch
Present Owner--Mary Bright Hunter Young


William Nicholas Baulch and Elizabeth Ann Brazier were Married September 3rd, 1867 at the home of O.D.Brazier
G.N.Baulch to Clara T. Stone Dec. 28th 1898
C.A.Baulch to Nettie C. Thompson Dec. 24th 1900
J.M.Baulch to Ethel L. Binkley June 23rd 1901
Hattie A. Baulch to C.S. Nimmo Jan. 15th 1902
Mollie J. Baulch to E.H. O'Dell Aug. 25th 1909
Chas. S. Baulch to Allie Denning April 11, 1918


William Nicholas Baulch born Feb. 25, 1837
Elizabeth Ann Brazier born Oct. 7, 1844
William Pitt Baulch born September 27th 1868
George Nelson Baulch was born June 19th 1870
Charles Shapard Baulch was born May 10th 1872
Cullen A. Baulch was born Feb. 10th 1875
Harriet Ann Baulch was born Sept. 22nd, 1877
Joseph M. Baulch was born June the 10, 1880
Mary J. Baulch was born Dec. 29th, 1883


William Nicholas Baulch died July 28, 1913
Cullen A. Baulch died Oct. 14, 1915
Elizabeth Ann Brazier Baulch died Oct. 18, 1921
William Pitt Baulch died March 23, 1927


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