James Watson Barr Bible Record

Old Family Bible of James Watson Barr

Contributed by JoAnn Allen

I have a letter in my possession from Lena Grace BARR STOKER to Clarice JARRELL LYONS dated June 5, 1972. In the letter she states "The Barr-Miers record is authentic, having been copied from the scroll that Oma Sharpe took from the family Bible that Aunt Kate Barr Renfro had when she passed away. No one seems to know where that Bible is now."

Samuel BARR married Sarah BARROW at Gallatin, Sumner Co. Tennessess
Their son:
James Watson BARR
B. July 6, 1803
D. Oct. 10, 1852
Married Oct. 14, 1830 at Gallatin, Sumner Co., Tenn. Marriage Record Book 1787-1836, Page 173 to Martha MIERS B. April 9, 1812, D. July 16, 1884 Buried at McLeansboro, Illinois.

Their children:
1. Wm.. Harvey BARR
B. Sept 9, 1831
D. Dec. 17, 1831

2. Lucy Catherine BARR
B. Oct 9, 1832
D. Nov. 20, 1901
Married David RENFRO at Nashville, Tenn.

3. Martha Ann BARR
B. Aug. 11, 1834
D. Feb. 20, 1861
Married Arch RICE
Died age 2 yrs.

4. James Thomas Benton BARR
B. Feb. 28, 1836
D. Oct. 4, 1920
Married Jennie HOLLIS (Handwritten notes indicate this family lived in Kentucky.)

(1.) Maggie BARR married Tom EVANS
     Chloe EVANS married ______BRADSHAW
     Buford EVANS
     Raymond EVANS
      James Thomas EVANS
(2.) Mary BARR married S.H. FRANKLIN
     Winnie FRANKLIN
     Mabel FRANKLIN married _____ HAYES
          Robert HAYES
          Casaline HAYES
          John HAYES
(3.) Hallie BARR married Ed GROOMS
     Lerah GROOMS married _____FRAME
          John FRAME
     Hugh GROOMS married ______
     Hugh GROOMS
     Wallace GROOMS
     Walter GROOMS
     Fred GROOMS
     Don GROOMS
(4.) Cecil BARR married Wm. MARQUETTE
     Elizabeth MARQUETTE
(5.) Beulah BARR married ______ DANIEL
     Madeline DANIEL
     James DANIEL
(6.) Leighton BARR married Tom AUSTON
     Elizabeth AUSTON
     Mildred AUSTON
     James AUSTON
(7.) Paul BARR

5. Samuel Humphrey BARR
B. Aug. 31, 1838
D. Sept. 29, 1839

6. George Washington Lafayette BARR
B. Oct. 5, 1840
D. Sept. 29, 1860

7. Sarah Mary BARR
B. Feb. 10, 1843
D. Oct. 9, 1876
Married Oct. 6, 1859 to Friend Johnson CHAPMAN

     Their children:
(1) Alonzoe CHAPMAN married Mary BARNUM
     Eric CHAPMAN
     B. Sept 25, 1887
     D. April 22, 1909
(2) Frank CHAPMAN married Annie SIDDAL
     Rollie CHAPMAN married Lucille DALY
     Joe CHAPMAN married Ruth SHIRLEY
     Noel CHAPMAN
(3) Mary Catherine CHAPMAN married Harry FRIER
     Pauline FRIER married L.K. WHITCOMB
          Louise WHITCOMB
          Mary WHITCOMB
     Pearl FRIER married Milton H. KEMP
          Marilyn KEMP
     Florence FRIER married Raymond R. FISHER
           Lynn FISHER
     Wendell FRIER married________
(4.) May Bell CHAPMAN married John B. STARKEY
     Alvah STARKEY died age about 22
     Harold STARKEY married Augusta _____
     Harold STARKEY, Jr
     John STARKEY
     Hubert STARKEY
     Craig STARKEY
(5.) Naomi CHAPMAN married Wm. D. SHARPE
     Helen Lee SHARPE
     Elinor Leighton SHARPE
(6.) Jessie CHAPMAN married Wm. OGDEN
     Vivian OGDEN
     Isabel OGDEN
     Norma OGDEN

8. Polk Dallas Texas BARR
B. Feb 13, 1845
D. April 1868
Married Pauline MASON
Ada BARR died age 22 yrs.

9. Elizabeth Jane BARR
B. Dec. 17, 1848
D. Nov. 10, 1851

10. John Wesley BARR
B. Feb. 10, 1851 at Gallatin, Tenn.
D. May 7, 1923 buried at Cottage Grove, Illinois
(Handwritten notes indicate his monument is also in the Little Wabsh cemetery near Crossville, Illinois which he erected at the time of his first wife's death with both of their names on it. He had many times requested that he be placed there but his wishes were not granted.)

11. Joel Miers BARR
B. Dec. 30, 1852
D. Jan. 30, 1853

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