Absher Bible

Absher Bible

Source: Some Early Settlers of Upper Sumner County, Tennessee
The Hobdy, Cotton, Durham, Gillespie, Perdue, Absher, Mattox, Cochran and Mayes Families

Compiled by
Lee Alton Absher, M.D.
© Copyright 1966
Reprinted with permission

New York American Bible Society. Instituted in the year 1871. Bible is in possession of Mrs. Floy Spears, Celine, Tennessee.

The following excerpts from the Lytle Absher family Bible lists the family as follows:

LITLE ABHSER was born the 14th day of June 1823
MAHALA ABSHER the wife of Litle Absher was born the 13th day of January 1828
MARY ADELE ABSHER was born the 30th day of May 1847
JAMES MADISON ABSHER was born the 30th day of November 1848
LYDIA FRANCIS ABSHER was born the 4th day of March 1852
WILLIAM MARION ABSHER was born the 23rd day of June 1854
JOHN RUMSEY ABSHER was born the 12th day of October 1856
GEORGE CRITTON ABSHER was born the 10th day of March 1861
MAHALA MELVINA ABSHER was born the 4th day of January 1836. Died Jan. 5, 1945
LITTLE ASBERRY ABSHER was born the 30th day of June 1865
MARGRET IZABEL ABSHER was born the 3rd, day of May 1869
Litle Absher and Mahala Durham was married the 13th day of August 1846
Asberry Absher and Ella Perdue was married July 9th, 1888.
George Absher and Lizzie Braswell was married Dec. 24th, 18--.
Lytle Absher died Oct-28th, 1888.

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