Bohemian Baptist Church - History

Bohemian Baptist Church

Contributed by Anna Nettles
© 2000

Families 1880's Czech to Province Valley, Poland /RUSSIA; Chicago Illinois to Mitchell/Portland, Tennessee.

(Found in Church Secretary Book)
Joseph & Adolph Burysek; Adam Ertner and son Edward F.; John Hradek; Karel Hrada; Vaclav Kratochvil; Joseph Mazanec; Josef Miller; Josef Nesbarba; Frank & Josef Prohaska; Frank Wosta; Frank Vejr.

The Bohemian Baptist Church, Portland, Tennessee was established before 1911. Members and their families who had been Catholic, converted to Christianity and fled Czechoslovakia due to persecution, most going to Chicago, Illinois. Six families came to Franklin, Kentucky and Portland Tennessee area by 1906. At first they met in each others' homes, served by (lay-men), Brothers Adolph Burysek and Edw. F. Ertner.The Brethren decided to build a church building, and the land was donated by the Mazanec family. It was finished in 1911.

The early Pastors of the church preached during the summer only.

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