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The Battle of Hartsville
9th Tennessee Cavalry
Company H

By Edwin L. Ferguson

Contributed by Kenneth Biggs, 2000

Permission granted by the Ferguson family

9th Tennessee Cavalry

Company H

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John W. Wiseman-Capt.
William H. Tindal1-1st Lt.
Van J. Sellers-2nd Lt.
W. H. Bennett--3rd Lt.
Robert Andrews-lst Sgt.
James R. Wiseman-end Sgt.
Isaac A. Caruth--3rd Sgt.
Berry Brown Leake-4th Sgt.
Howell Wiseman-5th Sgt.
James Fredrick-Corp.
Thomas West-Corp.
Thomas C. Franklin-Corp.
Robert B. Moss-4th Corp.
William H. Andrews- Reg. Surgeon

Averitt, James D.
Ayers, F. S.
Barnes, A.
Belcher, James Marion
Beasley, Harvey H.
Beulah, Christian
Boensch, James D.
Burnes, James D.
Brannon, Joseph
Brodie, James A.
Brown, Charles H.
Carman, George
Carr, James H.
Chambers, John H.
Chaney, Daniel H.
Charlton, Jackson
Chrisman, Samuel
Clark, William
Clark, Rufus R.
Cox, M. N.
Crank, John B.
Crank, Richard
Dalton, John C.
Epley, Andrew J.
Epley, David W.
Erwin, George W.
Fitts, David
Freedle, James H.
Gourley, John P.
Hall, William
Hall, Joseph
Hickerson, Samuel
Hughes, Alexander
Hughes, Nicholas P.
Hibbett, J. B.
Lassiter, J. B.
Lassiter, William
Luster, John B.
Mayfield, John Henderson
McConnell, Newton W.
Newman, John R.
Paul, William R.
Pearcy. Oscar F.
Perry, Wilson
Phelps, James H.
Phillips, Robert
Piles, William
Pryor, James
Puryear, Elijah
Reagan, James M.
Roark, R. J.
Rucker, Benjamin
Rutledge, John
Sadler, E. B.
Saunders, Fleming
Shaffer, Josiah L.
Sharp, Samuel M.
Spain, James
Thurman, George B.
Thurman, Sidney
Townsend, Ira
Warren, Thomas H.
Warren, Jesse W.
West, Daniel Wesley
West, Jonathan Lewis
Williams, A. J.

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