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The Battle of Hartsville
9th Tennessee Cavalry
Company D

By Edwin L. Ferguson

Contributed by Kenneth Biggs, 2000

Permission granted by the Ferguson family

9th Tennessee Cavalry

Company D

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William W. Ward-Capt.
Adolphus B. Cates-Capt.
Chris. L. Bennett-Capt.
Wm. Sanford Biggs-Capt.
James Henry Piper-ist Lt.
W. Jason Dale-2nd Lt.
Gideon Hazen-2nd Lt.
Howell T. Rucks-3rd Lt.
John Henry Ward-ist Sgt.
Jesse H. Kirby-Sgt.
Martin B. Haynie-Sgt.
James Piper-Sgt.

Abbott, John M.
Abbotts, James W.
Allen, Williams
Armstead, Brown
Bailey, Braxton B.
Ball. James L.
Barrett, Wm. Anderson
Beasley, Samuel H.
Bradford, Thos. Crutchfield
Branham, George
Brazzell, James R.
Brazzell,. William
Brazzell, Reuben J .
Bridges, Thomas P.
Briggs, William
Butler, James T.
Carter, John P.
Chambers, William S.
Cloyd, Philip W.
Cornwell, Fusion C.
Cosby, Thomas W.
Cotheran, Charles
Cotheran, David L.
Cotheran, Guilford
Davis, William B.
Davis, John L.
Dillon, Thomas S.
Douglas, Alfred H.
Durham, Thomas M.
Duty, Amos N.
Forgason, John H.
Furgesson. Thomas R.
Gammon, James Riley
Gill, James Mills
Gill, John S.
Grant, Francis H.
Gregory, Edmund B.
Gregory, Gideon B.
Griffin, William C.
Hale, Hugh Bennett
Haynie, James K.
Helmontaller, William O.
Hessian, Andrew J.
Hessian, Arther
Hesson, John T.
Hester, William B.
Ireland, Rufun M.
Jackson, Alfred
Jackson, W. C.
Jones, George W. C.
King, Joseph
King, Robert H.
Knights, Robert J.
Kyle, Hugh B.
Leveall, Benjamin F.
Mann, Mitehell P.
Marshall, Daniel F.
Martin, James R.
Massey, John Andrew
McClarin, Robert J.
McClanahan, T. J.
Montgomery, James J .
Montgomery, John
Montgomery, Lemuel
Moss, Louis L.
Nichols, Jesse P.
Nichols, William M.
Oliver, Luther B.
Parker, William Wiseman
Perron, John M.
Perry, Calvin T.
Piper, Joseph H.
Pirtle, Alonzo
Pope, Benjamin R.
Pope, James H.
Pope, Theodoric
Porter, William K.
Reed, Jesse
Richmond, Joseph H.
Rowland, George F.
Rose, George T.
Rowling, George F.
Snow, James H.
Snow, John D.
Snow, John H.
Snow, William W.
Stallings, Benjamin
Stanford, Merritt W.
Taylor, James A.
Taylor, Jeremiah V.
Uhles, William
Vaden, William Winston
Vaden, James W.
Vaden, Paul C.
Ward, Samuel C.
Ward, James Best
Whitescarver, George W.
Wilkes, Ulysses L.
Williams, Zack T.
Williams, William T.
Wilson, John A. Jr..
Woodmore, Spencer
Wooton, Robert W.
Wooten, W. B.
Wright, Moscow
Wynne, James A.

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