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The Battle of Hartsville
9th Tennessee Cavalry
Company C

By Edwin L. Ferguson

Contributed by Kenneth Biggs, 2000

Permission granted by the Ferguson family

9th Tennessee Cavalry

Company C

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J. D. Kirkpatrick- Capt.
William A. Haynes-lst Lt.
N. W. Crosswy-2nd Lt.
Allen P. Connell-3rd Lt.
R. P. McDaniel-lst Sgt.
W. H. Kirkpatrick-2nd Sgt.
Thomas T. Grizzard-3rd Sgt.
Wm. F. Lassiter-4th Sgt.
J. F. Love-5th Sgt.
John J. Wood-lst. Corp.
James F. Allen-2nd Corp.
William T. Myrick-3rd Corp.
James Chandler-4th Corp.

Adams, Solomon
Adcock, James Marshall
Allen, G. V.
Allen, H.
Alston, A. H.
Ashford, J. C.
Baker, Isaac F .
Baker, Lucurgus Adolphus
Ball, J. E.
Barnes, S. S.
Battle, Robert
Bay, Thomas
Bennett, Robert
Bennett, Powhatton P.
Bennett, William
Bentley, William H.
Bernard, John
Bernard, Samuel
Bledsoe, Robert H.
Bledsoe, John T.
Bloodworth, H. Sumner
Bloodworth, James P.
Bradshaw, Robert
Bradley, William T.
Brown, J. Newton
Burkley, Joseph C.
Butterworth, James
Cabler, J. B.
Campbell, Joseph A.
Campbell, James
Canady, James W.
Canady, B. F.
Carmack, John
Chandler, S. T.
Chapman, William A.
Clendenning, John S.
Clendenning, Joseph J.
Cocke, J. B.
Cocke, C. H.
Cotton, George R.
Coverdill, John R.
Cox, Carrol H.
Cox, James
Crosswy, John N.
Crosswy , William T.
Culbertson, Benjamin
Davis, Harvey
Daws, Jahn
Day, Thomas
Donnell, Levi E.
Drury, J. A.
Edwards, James W.
Ellis, Christopher C.
Erwin, William M.
Fite, Albert B.
Ford, William S.
Freedle, Orville H.
George, John
Gibson, H. A.
Gleaves, William M.
Gould, James P.
Graves, Alexander
Green, Elmore Harris
Grimm, Alexander
Guthrie, John M.
Hall, James J .
Hall, Thomas H.
Ham, Samuel
Hays, James V.
Head, R. F.
Heaton, Samuel Joseph
Hewitt, Milton D.
Hillard, A. F .
Hurt, Robert B.
Jarrell, Lewid J.
Johnson, Virgil Foster
Johnson, R. H.
Jones, Thomas
Kerley, John H.
Judd, John W.
King, Thomas S.
King, William H.
Kirby, Jeremiah
Kirkpatrick, Baker C.
Kirkpatrick, Lyman M.
Kirkpatrick, Thomas C.
Kirkpatrick, Samuel B.
Kizer, John Barnett
Kizer, Thomas G.
Lassiter, William Joseph
Lawrence, Joseph M.
Lawrence, Leander V.
Lawrence, Robert C.
Love, Lewis White
Luton, John T.
Matherly, Daniel Francis
McClure, Samuel H.
McMurray, James
McMurtry, Jacob H.
McMurtry, John S.
McMurtry, William
Montgomery, Daniel O.
Moore, James W.
Mosely, William H.
Mosely, James M.
Nicholas, Richard
Owen, S. E.
Patton, James R.
Patton, John F.
Patton, William N.
Payton, James
Ralph, James
Ralph, John
Rascoe, Joseph E.
Reaves, John
Reece, James B.
Riddle, S. W. H.
Rutledge, Elijah Byrd
Saunders, James S.
Sanders, Madell
Savage, Levi
Saveley, J. W.
Shell, William B.
Skillman, William H.
Smith, Daniel H.
Smith, James B.
Sneed, James
Snow, John
Stephens, James K.
Stephens, Robert Keen
Turnage, John Henry
Turnage, William S.
Turner, F. P.
Turner, John M.
Turner, William P.
Twyman, W. Reed
Vaughn, Edward D.
Walker, William W.
White, Caleb
Wilkinson, D. W. (Dock)
Wilson, William T.
Wright, John A.
Wray, R. G.
Young, James K. P.
Wylie, Charles P .

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