The Barham Family Bible

The Barham Family Bible

From the records owned by the Great Granddaugther of Thomas and Elizabeth Barham, Susie Templeton of Carterville, IL
Submitted by
Jama Richardson
© 1998

Thomas and Elizabeth Barham lived in Sumner Co. TN at the time of their marriage and the births of their firsborn children. The family migrated to Robertson Co. TN then to Williams Co. IL in the early 1850's.


T. N. Barham born May 17, 1802
Elizabeth Barham   Oct 29, 1800
S. A. Barham   April 24, 1822
Jane Barham   May 20, 1823
A. V. Barham   Sept 9, 1824
M. W. Barham   Dec 21, 1825
W. M. Barham   Jun 29, 1827
J. J. Barham   Nov 28, 1828
Frances Barham   May 11, 1830
M. E. Barham   Nov 13, 1831
H. P. Barham   Mar 17, 1833
J. W. Barham   May 20, 1836
W. R. Barham   Dec 18, 1838
A. C. Barham   Sep 12, 1841
T. N. Barham   Dec 28, 1844


T. N. Barham died Aug 24, 1867
Elis Barham   Oct 18, 1863
W. M. Barham   Sept 20, 1831
H. P. Barham   Feby 6th, 1863


M. W. B. M. F. Jackson March 9, 1848
M. W. B. A. E. Calvert Aug 17, 1865
J. H. Sowell F. M. B. Feby 28, 1850
J. J. B. F. M. Rust July 20, 1851
J. R. Harrison M. E. B. Jany 19, 1852

State of Ill.

H. P. B. Lucy Rust Sept 12, 1852
J. W. B. H. N. Gartwood May 25, 1856
J. H. Reynolds A. C. B. March 26, 1859
T. N. B. L. C. Duncan Dec 25, 1862
T. N. B. Martha Price Jan 28, 1864
J. F. Barham born Sept 16, 1865

Compilers Notes:
I have made every effort to copy these names and dates as written on the records; however, these 2 sheets of paper are very old and and the ink is faded in spots.

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