1880 Sumner County, TN Mortality Schedule TNFlag TNFlag
1880 Sumner County, TN
Mortality Schedule

District 8
Page 503

Transcribed by Joan Pruett
© August 2001

"The Census Year begins June 1, 1879 and ends May 31, 1880."

Name of person who died Age Sex Color Married/
Occupation Cause of death Yrs. Resident in County
Shaw, Addie 22 F B S TN NC TN May   stomach disease 22
Woodard, Infant 1/30 F W S TN VA TN May   croup  
Strother, Susan 33 F W M KY KY TN Mch. keeping house miscarriage 27
Body, Isaac 70 M B W VA VA VA Feb. farmer consumption 30
Green, Dick 65 M B W NC NC NC Mch. horse jockey gravel 60
Watkins, John 8/12 M B S TN TN TN April   fits  
Cage, Becca 25 F B S TN TN TN Nov.   consumption 25
Crabb, J. F. 18 M W S TN TN VA Dec. farmer typhoid thumona 18
Price, Nimrod 68 M W M VA VA VA Feb. carpenter inflammation of brain 39
Reece, Luiza 34 M W M TN NC TN Aug. farmer spinal affection (sic) 34
Frazier, Becca 18 F B S TN TN TN Oct. keeping house typhoid fever 18
Jackson, Gice 24 M B S TN TN TN June farm laborer spinal disease 23
Saunders, Susan 21 F W S -- -- -- June   tuberculosis  

Note on schedule: "The last death reported was a complicated case - the family could not tell me the disease.

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