1880 Sumner County, TN Mortality Schedule TNFlag TNFlag
1880 Sumner County, TN
Mortality Schedule

District 11
Page 507

Transcribed by Joan Pruett
© August 2001

"The Census Year begins June 1, 1879 and ends May 31, 1880."

Name of person who died Age Sex Color Married/
Occupation Cause of death Yrs. Resident in County
Durham, R. W. 47 M W M TN NC NC March school teacher hemorrhage from lungs 47
Staley (?), Susan 45 F W M TN TN NC Jan. housekeeper embolism 45
Williams, _ 3/30 F W S TN TN TN Sept.   cyanosis  
Ball, John 78 M W S TN NC NC Fby. farm worker consumption 78
Meador, Wilmetta 2 F W S TN TN TN May   consumption  
Graves, Buena 20 F W S TN TN TN March house work __pula? 20
Byrn, Allen 70 M W M TN NC NC Fby. farmer disease of _? 70
Garrison, Thos. 37 M W M TN NC TN Nov. carpenter consumption 7
Byrn, Joseph 61 M W M TN NC NC Nov. farmer colic  
Meador, Wm. 30 M W M TN TN TN Sept. farmer consumption  
Reeves, Kattie or Hattie 3/12 F B S TN TN TN March   croup  
Cumming, W. 28 M W S TN ? TN ? school teacher pneumonia  
Malone, Laura 15 F B S TN TN TN Apr. servant consumption  
Phelps, Louisianna 49 F W M IN IN IN Aug. house keeping consumption  
_ (?) , Hanna ? F W S KY LA IN Sept.   flux  
Frederick twins 0 M W S TN IN IN May   still birth / premature  
Lydum, Florence O. 9/12 F W S TN TN TN June   convulsions  

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