1878 Sumner County, TN Map Transcriptions, Cairo

1878 Sumner County, TN Map
Town of Cairo

Source: 1878 Sumner County, TN Map
Available for copying at the Sumner County Archives and the Tennessee State Library and Archives

Transcribed and submitted by Joyce Stark Blocker, Linda Carpenter,
Eileen McCarey, Diane Payne, & Danene Vincent
© September 1999

Names of Persons Included on the Cairo Map

Last Name/Initial First Name/Initial Location (District 2)
A. E. O. Cairo
Ayers F. Cairo
Ayers F. O. Cairo
Barnes Estate   Cairo
Bertrecce (?) J. Cairo
Burns W. T. Cairo
Carpenter L. Cairo
Haynes R. Cairo
Johnson Geo. Cairo
Parish J. Cairo
Walton T. Cairo
Williams J. Cairo

Names of Places Included on the Cairo Map

Place Name Location (District 2)
Col Ch. (Colored Church) Cairo
M. E. Ch. (Methodist Episcopal Church) Cairo
Store Cairo
Ware House Cairo

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