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Willaim Martin

This portrait is in the home of Billy Martin Young
- owner and resident of Dixona -

William Martin was born November 26, 1765 to Gen. Joseph and Sarah Lucas Martin,
of VA. He was married to Frances "Frankey" Ferris. This couple had 10 children:
Joseph A., Elizabeth (married Dr. Henry Brooks), George Washington, Sarah
(married Thomas T. Young), Brice Ferris, Jacob B., William, Thomas J., Wilson
Yandell, and Norval Douglas. The submitter is descended from Elizabeth Martin
Brooks. When reading William's letters to Lyman Draper about Gen. Joseph,
William's life and family, I fell in love with distant grandfather. William
Martin was a devout Baptist and provided the land for the Dixon Springs Baptist
Church. William wrote a very moving account of his feeling about his father's
relationship with Betsy Ward (Gen. Joseph's Cherokee "wife"). The Martin Family
cemetery is located just out of Dixon Springs on Young Creek Road and is in
desperate need of care and cleaning.

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