Brice Martin And Martha (Mattie) Smith Gregory - Abt. 1890

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Brice Martin And Martha (Mattie) Smith Gregory - Abt. 1890
Brice Martin Gregory was born Feb 19, 1862 and died Apr 4, 1915. He was the son of Thomas
(son of Major, son of Jeremiah) and Sarah (Sallie) Gregory Gregory (daughter of Big Tom and Betty).
Thomas and Sarah (Sallie) Gregory are pictured on this website.

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Mattie was born Sep 15, 1869 and died Dec 15, 1902. She was the daughter of Malcolm Calvin
and Elizabeth Dickerson Smith. Brice and Mattie became the parents of a number of children. After
Mattie's death, Brice married , Victoria Dickerson (daughter of Jim and Matilda Dickerson) and they
became the parents of five children. Mattie and Victoria were first cousins. Brice, Mattie and Victoria
lived in the Cato Community of Trousdale County and all are buried in the Jabe Gregory Cemetery.

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Brice Martin Gregory Family - 1904
Lois Gregory Russell provided this picture and much of this information.
Pictured in about 1904 is the Brice Gregory family. Brice was first married to Martha (Mattie)
Smith Gregory who died Aug 15, 1902. In addition to the children shown above, Brice and Mattie
were the parents of two children born after 1899 that had already died prior to the time of this picture.

Front row, l-r: Brice, Billie, Florence, Effie, and Leslie (Les).
Back row: Thomas, Maggie, Shelvie and Ruthie Gregory

Billie Tinsley Gregory, born Feb 13, 1899 and died Feb 18, 1980, was married to Mary
Della Gregory, daughter of James J. and Sally Wilburn Gregory. Billie and Della became the
parents of Leoma, Lois and Dois (twins), Coy and Brice.
James J. and Sally Wilburn Gregory pictures may also be seen on this website.

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Florence Gregory, (behind and to the right of Billie) married Herbie Oldham and
became the mother of Brice and Claude Oldham.

Effie Gregory married Lester Earps and became the mother of Bradford and Maggie Mai Earps.
Effie and Lester Earps picture can be seen in the George Earps Family Pictures on this website:

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Leslie (Les) Gregory married Lela Stafford and became the father of sons,
Opal and Golman Gregory.

Thomas Gregory married Etta Porter and became the father of
Winell, Ruth and Gertrude Gregory.

Maggie Gregory married Herman Merryman and became the mother of Lorene and James Merryman.

Shelvie Gregory married Nanny Nunley and became the father of Odell Gregory.

Ruthie Gregory married Willie Merryman and became the mother of Ray and Neil Merryman.

Brice Martin Gregory Family - 1925
Lois Gregory Russell provided this picture and she and Bradford Earps furnished the information
After the death of Mattie, Brice married his first cousin, Victoria A. (Vick) Dickerson in about 1905.
Vick was the daughter of James and Matilda Anderson Dickerson, their picture may be seen on this website.

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Vick Dickerson was born Nov 25, 1872 and died Nov 19, 1943. Brice and Vick became the parents of
five children that lived to be adults: Lillard, Earnest, Thurlow, Della and Joe Davis. The entire Brice
Gregory family including Vick and all of her living descendants and their spouses are pictured above.

L-r: Billie and Della Gregory family including Leoma (in front of Della) and twins, Lois and Dois;
Lester and Effie Earps family with children Bradford and Maggie Mai standing in front of them;
Herbie and Florence Oldham family with sons, Brice and Claude seated in front of Herbie; Leslie
(Les), right of Herbie, Lela Stafford Gregory (right of Florence) and their sons, Golman and Opal
(both seated); Willie and Ruthie Merryman family with son, Ray (seated on the right of Opal) and
daughter, Neil, in front of Ruthie; Thomas and Etta Porter Gregory family with daughters, Winell
(between Thomas and Etta), Gertrude (in front of Etta) and Ruth, right of Gertrude; Maggie Gregory
Merryman (right of Ruth), daughter, Lorene, son, James (seated, slightly left of Lorene) and husband,
Herman Merryman (behind and right of Lorene); Odell (wearing bow tie) with mother, Nanny Nunley
Gregory and father, Shelvie Gregory (right of Nanny); Della (seated right of Ray Merryman), Vick,
Joe Davis, Thurlow (seated right of James Merryman), Earnest and Lillard.

Della Gregory married Grover Wilburn and became the mother of Bobby, Joyce and Jane Wilburn .

Joe Davis Gregory married Elsie Smith and became the father of Carolyn Gregory.

Thurlow Gregory married Geneva Cornwell and became the father of Robbie Gregory.

Earnest Gregory married Lillian Gregory and became the father of Terry Gregory.

Lillard Gregory married Ercie Cornwell (sister to Geneva) but had no children.

As of September, 2003, Joe Davis and Della still survive.

Brice became the father of fifteen children who lived to be adults. He and his family lived northeast
of the Cato Community in Trousdale County on the Parker Branch of Dixon Creek. He, Mattie and
Vick are buried in the nearby Jabe Gregory Cemetery in Trousdale County.

Brice Gregory Home
Picture made by Webb A. Russell.
Pictured is the Brice Gregory home in about 1978. Billie T. Gregory, Brice's son, bought
the farm in the 1940's after Victoria Dickerson Gregory's death in 1943. Billie owned the
farm until his death in 1980. The house is still in use as a residence and is located on the
Parker Branch northeast of the Cato Community in Trousdale County.

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