September 20, 1956


                                                       Transcribed by Janette West Grimes


                                                                  Smith Reunion



   There will be a reunion of members of the Smith family of north Middle Tennessee and elsewhere on Sunday, Sept. 30th, at the home of Milford Smith, about a half mile east of Lafayette on the Red Boiling Springs Road. As Elder Henry Smith, the missionary to Japan, is soon returning to his field of labor, members of the family and friends and relatives from far and near are urged to bring lunch and spend the day. An effort is to be made to trace the history of the family far back through the years and if possible, to learn of the connection between Elder Malcolm Smith, who came to Middle Tennessee from Chatham County, North Carolina; and Elder Daniel Smith, the father of Elder Wiseman Smith, one of the greatest Baptist ministers ever known in Middle Tennessee.


   The occasion will also be a sort of farewell for Elder and Mrs. Henry Smith, who plan to leave the United States the last of October for Japan where they spent five years on the foreign field. It is hoped that hundreds and hundreds of friends and relatives of the family will be in attendance.




                                           Mrs. Betty Rose Reaches 93 Years


   Mrs. Betty Goad Rose, of upper Peyton's Creek, has reached the 93rd milestone on life's journey. She was given a big dinner on last Sunday to celebrate her attaining 93 years of living. She received a number of nice presents and the good wishes of many friends for other happy anniversaries. She is the widow of the late Ezekiel Rose who died a number of years ago. Mrs. Rose is possessed of a remarkable memory and can recall thousands of events of the long-gone years. She is the daughter of the late Charles Edward Goad and his wife, the former Miss Sarah Susan Burris, both of whom have been dead for many years. She is a sister of our old teacher, Prof. George W. Goad, who died in 1930, and who was in some ways the greatest teacher we ever knew. As long as life shall last the editor of the Times will be grateful for having been allowed to "sit at his feet," and learn some of the things that have blest us during our life of 55 years since we first met Mr. Goad. Exercises of the day included singing and prayer and the playing of the accordion by Billy McDuffee.


   Among those in attendance were: Charlie J. Rose, Miss Freddie Rose, both of Pleasaant Shade; Mr. and Mrs. W. S. McDuffee, of Old Hickory; Mrs. Tallie Gammon, Miss Pluma Gammon, Mrs. Eliza Denkhoff and her son, Jimmy; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Green and son, Bill; Mrs. Letha McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Hooper McDonald and daughter, Barbara; Miss Rachel Barton, J. W. Reagan, Jerry and Freddie Roark, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bray and children, Charles, Larry and Sheila, all of Lafayette; Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Thomas, Carthage; Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey A. McDuffee and children, Billy and Marsha; Mr. and Mrs. Bonnell Goad and daughter, Brenda, all of Madison.


   Kenneth, Linda and Tommy McDuffee and Miss Ruth Sneed, all of Hendersonville; Mr. and Mrs. C. B. McDuffee and son, Edwin, of Goodlettsville; Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Gammon and sons, Doyle and Danny; Mr. and Mrs. Otis Gammon, Mrs. Opal Mitchell and Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Wilson and children, Pattye and Billy, of Nashville.


   Mrs. Roosevelt Spivey and son, R. J. Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Luther M. Gregory, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gregory and sons, Royce and Roger, all of Dixon Springs; Mr. and Mrs. Willie Taylor and son, Clarence Benton Taylor, of Riddleton; Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Halliburton, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sloan, Mr. and Mrs. Cordell Sloan. Mrs. Alma Newberry and son, Doyle; and Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Goad, of Hickman, Tenn. Part of the above are residents of Red Boiling Springs, but we could not very well separate them, not knowing which resided at Red Springs and some others who lived elsewhere. The writer of the above expressed her sincere regret if she left out any of those in attendance.