Transcribed By Kathleen Hastings Whitlock


This Article Appeared In The Times

But Was Not Actually Titled Calís Column


July 23, 1953


Sampson Reunion


††††† A reunion of the members of the Sampson family will be held on Sunday, July 26th, at Sampsonís Well, a few miles west of Carthage, Tenn., on the highway leading to Lebanon.All Sampsons and those related to the family by marriage are invited to bring unch and spend the day.


††††††† The place of the reunion is very near the old home of Dr. C. S. Sampson, a country physician for many years in that section, which is not far from the present Rome.The editor of the Times has spent many happy hours in the old Sampson home, and loved Dr. C. S. almost as a father.He was one of the finest men we ever knew.


††††††† This family is descended from William Sampson, who emigrated to Virginia from England in the early history of the American colonies.He had one known son, Francis Marion Sampson, who lived and died in Virginia.Francis Marion had three sons or more, Stephen Sampson, who married Luranie Simms; one brother, name unknown, who died in the battle of New Orleans, on January 8, 1815; and one other, believed to have been Johnson Sampson.


††††††† Children of Stephen and Luranie Simms Sampson were:Coleman Simms Sampson, married Mary Skelton; Stephen Sampson, who married Katharine Dawson; James Wilburn Sampson, died young, at Natches, Miss., prior to the Civil War; Johnson Sampson, who married a Snoddy; Nancy Sampson, who married William Dawson, a brother of Katharine above mentioned; Joan, no further information; Drusilla Sampson, married M. Ligon; and Billie, no further information.


††††††† The Sampsons of Kentucky, who have attained to prominence, are descended from Coleman Simms Sampson and his wife, Mary Skelton.


††††††† Members of the family, far and near, are invited to attend the reunion which takes place on the coming Sunday about eight miles west of Carthage, Tenn.