April 26, 1956


Transcribed By Pamela Vick




     The following is a copy of a letter we have recently sent to Mrs. Patton, at Portland, Tenn., who is trying to trace her Donoho connection back to the Revolutionary War.  We hope to add some other information to that given below.  The letter is as follows:


                                                                                                                 April 21, 1956

Mrs. James D. Patton,

     Portland, Tenn.


Dear Friend:


     Your letter of April 17th came to hand in due time and has been read with interest.  I am sorry that I do not have a deal of information relative to your branch of the Donoho family.  I have the following on the descendants of William Donoho, commonly called Billy Donoho.


     William Donoho was a native of North Carolina, and settled on upper Defeated Creek in Smith County, Tenn., in early manhood.  He came to Tennessee with his wife and several children.  He was a great bear hunter, Indian fighter and bee raiser.  He settled on the present Jeanettie Donoho farm, near the old Cartwright's school house on the upper part of Defeated Creek.  He died at the age of 106 years of age, probably before the Civil War.  He married Jennie Jenkins, daughter of Roderick Jenkins and his wife, an Indian woman, named Pack.


     The sons and daughters of Billy and Jennie were:  Samuel Donoho, married a Temples and later a McCoin.  Samuel lived a number of years in the vicinity of Bowling Green, Ky.  John Donoho, another son of Billy and Jennie, married Martha Brooks and removed to Texas; Rod Donoho, married Judy Brooks, a sister of Martha; William Donoho, married Millie Davis; Nancy Donoho, married John Slate; Talitha Donoho, married Joe Krantz; Polly Donoho, married a Carter; and Jennie Donoho, married a Carter.


     Samuel Donoho was the father of:  John Donoho, killed during the Civil War by Buck Smith just above the present Pleasant Shade and within 300 yards of the writer's former home; Amelia Donoho, married a Thomas; Laura Donoho, married a Claypool; Martha Donoho, married a Howell; a son or daughter, who married a McAllister; Rid Donoho, married a Howell; and Sallie Donoho, married Meredith Creasey.


     John Donoho, the son of William, married Martha Brooks.  Children of this marriage were:  Harvey, went to Kentucky, married a Bullard the first time, the writer does not know whom he married the second time; Henry Donoho, married a Pate; Champ Donoho, married a McClellan; Shepard Donoho, married a Wallace; William Shelby Donoho, married Sarah Wallace; Amande Donoho; and Harriet Donoho, married a Phillips.


     Grandchildren of John Donoho and his wife, Martha, included:  Charles and Hayden Donoho, sons of Harvey; "Squire" Donoho, who went to Texas, and is believed to have married a Rogers; Lawson Donoho, who went to Texas, married a Harwood; Belle Donoho, married a Kemp; Alice Donoho, went to Texas, married Dr. Fisher.  These were the children of Henry Donoho and his wife, the former Miss Pate.


     Champ Donoho and his wife, a McClellan, were the parents of Cora Donoho, married Dr. Jesse Smith; and one son or daughter, who married a West.


     Shepard Donoho and his wife, the former Miss Wallace, were the parents of:  Martha, married a Lemons; John Donoho, married a Clay; Mary Donoho, married a Huddleston; Bud Donoho, married a Carter; Joe Donoho, married a Jenkins; Andrew Donoho, married a Herod; Luther Donoho, married Amanda Canter; Olline Donoho, married Ernest Johnson; and Evie Donoho, married John Crowder.


     We have no record of the offspring, if any, of William Shelby Donoho and his wife, Sarah Wallace Donoho. Amanda Donoho and her husband, a McClellan, were the parents of Martha, married a Hailey; Talitha, married a Williams; and Harve McClellan, married a Williams.


    Harriet Donoho and her husband, a Phillips, were the parents of:  William Phillips, Asia Phillips, married a Holladay; and Lon Phillips, married a West and also a Williams.


      Rod, named for his grandfather, Roderick Jenkins, and his wife, Judy Brooks Donoho, were the parents of:  Anthony Donoho, married a Borden; Lee Donoho, married a Dycus; Jack Donoho, married a Hudson; Harve Donoho, married Rosann Hudson; Wade Donoho, married a McClellan, a Burton, and a Maxey; William Donoho, married Jeanette Sadler; Patsy Donoho, married a Hudson; and Emmaline Donoho, married Clayt Austin.


     Anthony Donoho and his wife, the former Miss Borden, were the parents of a number of children.  We have the names of only four of the children.  They were:  Squire Donoho, married a Whitley; John Donoho, no further information; Mary Donoho, married a Whitley; and Rose Ann Donoho, no further information.


     Lee Donoho and his wife, the former Miss Dycus, were the parents of:  Alice Donoho, married a Grisham; William Donoho, went to Texas, married a Hall; Hailey Donoho, married a Sadler; Amanda Donoho, married a King; Josie Donoho, married Taut Robinson; Alvis Donoho, no further information; Harve Donoho, married a Russell; and Evie Donoho, went to Texas, no further information.  William Donoho, the son of Lee Donoho, and married a Hall, was the father of:  John Donoho, Cora Donoho, married a Gaither; Mazie, Bessie, Lillie, and Bronie Donoho.


     Hailey Donoho and his wife, the former Miss Sadler, were the parents of:  Radford, Baskell, Vera, Goldie, Sylvia, Dewey, Hershell and William Donoho. 


Harve Donoho and his wife, the former Miss Russell, were the parents of:  Clio, Lloyd, and Lorene Donoho.


     Jack Donoho, son of Rod Donoho, was the father of:  James Donoho, of Portland, Tenn., married a Rogers; Haskell Donoho, married a Kerr; John Donoho, married a Davis; Dr. Charlie Donoho, married a Hudson; Vallie Donoho, no further information; Vira Donoho, married a McClellan; Lura Donoho, married a Meador; and Charlie Donoho, maried a Hudson.


     Harve Donoho, son of Rod Donoho, married Rosann Hudson, was the father of:  Kanzada Donoho, married Alfred House; Flora Donoho, married a Hall; Genie Donoho, married a Russell and also a Davis; Squire Donoho, married a Ramsey; Buford Donoho, married a Russell; Lute Donoho, no further information.


     Wade Donoho, son of Rod, married three times as given above, but we do not know who the mother of each son or daughter was.  They were:  Willie Donoho, married a Roark; Charlie Donoho, married a Carver: Hailey Donoho, married a Hackett; Cancel Donoho, no further information; Callie Pearl Donoho, married a Wakefield; and Minnie Donoho, married a Hall.


     William Donoho and his wife, Jeanette Sadler Donoho, wer the parents of:  Eskie Donoho, married a Huffines; Otis Donoho, married a Howard; Hailey Donoho, went to Texas, married a Hughes; Johnnie A. Donoho, married Lellie Canter; Alvis Donoho, married a Goad; Bessie Donoho, married a Powell; and Bertha Donoho, married a Richardson.


     William Donoho, the son of Billy Donoho, married Millie Davis.  They were the parents of:  Roderick Donoho, married a Hudson; Betsy Donoho, married William Kennedy; Maria Donoho, married a Dycus; Polly Donoho, married a Dycus, we believe the same man that Maria married; Letha Donoho, married a Jones; Nancy Donoho, married Larkin Dycus, a brother of the husband of Maria Donoho; Tabitha Donoho, married Davis Jones, a brother of Letha Donoho's husband; Wade Donoho, married a Jones, a sister of Davis Jones; Susan Donoho, married Newt West; Margaret Donoho, married a Russell, a brother of the late Bide Russell, the blind lady; Howard Donoho, married a McClellan; Thoams Donoho, married Polly Ann Russell, a sister of aunt Bide Russell; Bevley Donoho, married a Holland and went to Missouri; John Donoho, married a Dycus; and Millie Donoho, died young.


     Betsy Donoho and her husband, William Kennedy, were the parents of:  Dick Kennedy, married a Kemp; Taut Kennedy, married a Russell and also a Woodard; Mary Kennedy, married a Canter; and Millie Kennedy, married a Sutton.


     Maria Donoho and her husband, a Dycus, were the parents of:  Polly Dycus, married a Clark; Susan Dycus, married Willie Kemp; and Tamzon Dycus, no further information.  Poly Donoho, who is believed to have married the same man that first married Maria, was the mother of Maria Dycus, married a Jones; and Addieville Dycus, married a Hudson.


     Letha Donoho and her husband, a Jones, were the parents of:  Willie Jones, married a Smith; Harve Jones, married a Smith; Fannie Jones, died young; Millie Jones, married Lester Smith; and Dick Jones, married a Smith.


     Nancy Donoho, and her husband, Larkin Dycus, were the parents of:  Alex Dycus, married a Huff; John Dycus, married a Spivey; Mary Dycus, married a Hutchinson; Viallie Dycus, married Rufus Jenkins; and Rev. William M. Dycus, a Presbyterian minister, of Gainesboro, Tennessee, who married a Huff.


     Tabitha Donoho, married first a Davis, by whom she had a son, James Davis.  She married a Jones, by whom she was the mother of:  Albert Jones, married a Evans; and Dixon Jones, no further information.


      Wade Donoho was the father of:  Maria Donoho, married the late Lee Kemp, formerly of Difficult; Alice Donoho, married a Parmer; Ruthie Donoho, married a Lambertson; Althie Donoho, married a Jenkins; and Mahala Donoho, no further information.


      Margaret Donoho and her husband, Russell, were the parents of:  Melvin, Cassie, Carrie, Clyde, and Channie Russell.  Howard Donoho and his wife, the former Miss McClellan, were the parents of:  Peyton Donoho, married a Martin; Frankie Donoho, married Joe Shoulders; May Cleo Donoho, married Frank Smith, and who now lives in Lafeyette; and Pearl Donoho, married Kinchen McClellan, and resides in Franklin, Ky.  Peyton and Frankie are now dead.  On Saturday, April 28th, Frankie's grandson, J. E. Shoulders is to be ordained to the full work of the ministry by Enon Baptist church, some 12 miles north of Lafayette.


     Tom Donoho and his wife, Polly Ann Russell Donoho, were the parents of one son, Alvis Donoho, whose wife was Jennie Grandstaff, with which couple the writer boarded at Dean Hill when he taught his first school in the year 1910.  They were both dead.  However, their daughter, Grace Law, resides at present at Riddlton, Tenn.  They had three sons, Carl, H. T., and Odell Donoho.  Another daughter is Mrs. Lutrell Fauhl, of Long Beach, California.


      Bevley Donoho was the father of two children so far as our records show, Caswell and Minerva Donoho.  John Donoho and his wife, the former Miss Dycus, were the parents of:  John Donoho, married a Russell; Julia Donoho, married a Carver; and Mary, married a Cassetty.


     In Cedar Grove Cemetery, Lebanon, Wilson County, Tenn., is buried Virginia, wife of Dr. E, Donoho.  She died April 28, 1867, at the age of 39 years.  The writer does not know who Dr. E. Donoho was.


      Charles Donoho, a solider of the American Revolution, was buried in the old Donoho graveyard on a Goose Creek farm some miles south of Lafayette.  The writer does not know who owns the farm at this time.  Mrs. R. E. Garrett, of Dixon Springs, Tenn., furnished the original report to the author of the book where the record is found.  She is well informed and may be contacted at the above address.


      We do not know who the father of Charles Donoho was, but would suppose that he was closely related to the Donoho family of the Goose Creek section of Trousdale County.  We are not as yet prepared to say if the Trousdale County Donoho family is related to the Billy Donoho family.


     A Miss Jane Ready, married a Dr. Donoho, but we do not have the date or location of the place where the families lived.   The reference is found in "Bible Records -- Tombstone Inscriptions," by Mrs. Acklen.


     If any of our readers can furnish us with additional Donoho information, we shall be glad to publish same.  At a little later date, we hope to give some information on the Hudson family.


                       Sincerely yours,

                       Calvin Gregory