November 3, 1955


Transcribed by Janette West Grimes






Monticello, Kentucky--


   "Granny" Gregory posed for her picture Sunday-- her 100th birthday-- but she wouldn't smile. And she wouldn't allow any "outsider" to take her picture, one of her granddaughters had to do the job.


   The last itme Mrs. Margaret Gregory had her picture taken, someone made a funny remark and as she smiled the bulb flashed. With a mischievous grin, "Granny" impishly scolded the photographer: "You made me show my wrinkles."


   "Granny," with most of her 95 descendants gathered Sunday along with many friends to help her celebrate the occasion, recalled how she was "stolen away" at the age of 17 to Jamestown, Tenn., by David A. Gregory, a farmer, in 1871. Gregory preceded her in death as have two of their six children.


   Mrs. Gregory, whose life has spanned four wars and the administrations of 20 of this country's 34 presidents, proudly exhibited a birthday greeting Sunday from President Eisenhower.


   Although she suffered a stroke three years ago, "Granny" gets around pretty well in her wheelchair at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Ogla Conley, where she now makes her home.


   ( The above clipping came from our relative, Mrs. Betty B. Wells, of Clay, Ky. We extend our thanks for the information sent to us by Mrs. Wells. The editor has not had time to check and see if this Gregory family is related to him, but feel sure that it is since all our people dropped the original name of McGregor in the year 1332, and adopted the present spelling of Gregory).