May 3, 1956


Transcribed by Janette West Grimes




LaHarpe, Kansas

Dear friends,


†† Here is my check for renewal of my subscription to the old home paper. I notice that the label shows my time is nearly out. Even though most of those I knew in early years have gone, I still enjoy reading the paper. Recently I saw in the paper that Sally Roark West had gone to her reward. She was the widow of the late Perry B. West. Perry West's mother was Mrs. Sarah Huddleston West, and was my mother's first cousin. Sarah, the daughter of Robert and Mary [Smith] the daughter of John Huddleston. Emily Ferguson, another cousin, was the daughter of Joe Huddleston. If I am not misinformed, Aunt Bide Russell was the daughter of another cousin of mother's, Burnettie Russell, for whom I was named. I was also named Sydney for another cousin, the wife of Elder Levi Smithwick. The family shortened my name to Nettie and later to Nette. I would be glad if someone could give me some information of Jim and Nancy [York] Glover. Sam Parker married Eva Rhoades, daughter of Moses ["Little Mosie"] Rhoades.


†† I also notice the report of the death of Mrs. Minnie [Smith] Tucker. Her father, Dr. Henry Smith, was a cousin of my father, Daniel Smith. Dr. Henry's mother was a sister ofmy grandfather, William Martin Smith. Her husband, Billy Bob Smith, was a country merchant and was not related to my grandfather Smith. Well, this is enough about my family tree, but sometimes I get curious to know what has become of all the folks and their descendants.


†† We are having beautiful weather in Southeast Kansas. We have had only a very few cold days. We had one 2-inch snow on Dec. 1st, but it soon melted. We need rain.


†† I am very slowly regaining my strength, but it will be months before I am well, if I ever am.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Mrs. W. H. Driver,

††††††††††††††††††††††††† [Nettie Smith]


Editor's note.

†† We received this letter some time ago and overlooked it. We are sorry for the oversight and ask Mrs. Driver's forgiveness.


†† We are very anxious to learn all we can about the various branches of the Smith family. We wonder if Mrs. Driver could give us any light on certain points. One point on which there seems to be some conflict of opinion is the following: What was the connection between the Daniel Smith family and that of Luther Smith, if any? Also what was the connection between the Daniel Smith family and the Wade Smith family of other years, if any?


†† According to the records we have, Daniel Smith was a Baptist minister, born in Chatham County, North Carolina , Aug. 6, 1792. We do not know the names of his parents, who are said to have been Presbyterians. In fact, we are informed that Elder Smith was sprinkled in infancy. Later, in 1820 he was converted and was baptized into the fellowship of Peyton's Creek Baptist church some time after his conversion. He was ordained by Peyton's Creek church in 1824, and then began one of the most active Christian lives ever known in the hill country of Middle Tennessee.


†† Although it is not definitely known whom he first married, it is believed that his first wife was a Miss Mashburn. Our old records have a question mark after the name, Mashburn. We wonder if Mrs. Driver can enlighten us on that point. His second wife, according to our records, was a Halliburton. Is this correct?


†† The sons and daughters of Elder Daniel Smith, according to our records, were: Billie Smith, supposed to have married Susan Dixon; Daniel Wiseman Smith, a noted Baptist minister, born in Robertson County, Tenn., on Aug. 5, 1814. He married first Elizabeth Smith, but we do not know whose daughter she was. By her Daniel Wiseman Smith was the father of: Hiram Smith, married Lucinda Witcher; Mary Ann Smith, died in infancy; Sarah Smith, married her first cousin, Henry W. Smith, son of Billie Smith; and Nancy Jane Smith, died young. So far as we have been able to learn, these were all the children born to Elder Daniel Wiseman Smith and his first wife.


†† By the second wife, the former Caroline Williams, the minister, Daniel Wiseman Smith was the father of: Daniel Wiseman Smith, Jr., married Johnnie Parker; William Henry Smith, married first, Loretta Dotson; second wife, Maggie Maxwell; Paraline Smith, married Isaac T. G. McDonald; Eason Smith, married Alice Patterson; Emmie Smith, married James K. Hall; and Burr Smith, married Ella Jones.


†† Neal Smith, the son of Daniel Smith, and a brother of Billie and Daniel Wiseman Smith went to West Kentucky and here our information ends, so far as he is concerned.


†† A sister of Neal, Billie and Daniel Wiseman Smith was Tilda Smith, married Isham Beasley and here our information ends; Polly Smith, her sister, married Billie Bob Smith, who is mentioned in Mrs. Driver's letter. But her letter states that these two were not related. Polly was the mother of Dr. Henry Smith, who is remembered by a number of our older readers; Margaret Smith, married Tom McDonald; Julia Ann Smith, never married; Berry Smith, married Will Witcher; Mashburn Smith, married John Whitley; Dora Smith, married Walton McDonald, son of Edward Green McDonald. Dora McDonald has not been dead many years.


†† Another of the daughters ofthe first Daniel Smith, whose name we do not have, married Josh Smith, a brother of Billie Bob Smith. Another son of Daniel Smith was Henry Smith, who never married. We have no further information about him. Daniel Smith was the father of Emily Smith, who married Elder W. L. Buie. The following sketch of Elder Buie is found on pages 440 and 441 of Grime's "History of Middle Tennessee Baptists."


†† "This veteran of the cross resides at Galen, Macon County, Tennessee. He is Scottish descent, is low, heavy set and rather dark complexion. He is the son of John and Candace Buie. He was born in Robertson County, Ky., February 14, 1825. He made profession at Mt. Tabor church, Smith County, Tenn., in 1842, and united with said church and was baptized by Elder Daniel Smith. He transferred his membership to Liberty church, Macon County, Tenn., where he was ordained to the ministry on Saturday before the second Sunday in May, 1860, by Elders E. B. Haynie, D. W. Smith, Washington Glover and Growner Owen, with a number of deacons. He served the following churches, some of them for many years: Long Creek, New Salem, Spring Creek, Puncheon Camp, Rocky Hill, Antioch, Lafayette, Liberty, and Macedonia. His education is limited, only such as he could secure at common country schools. He has baptized about 700 people and married about 300 couples. He married Emily Smith, daughter of Elder Daniel Smith, July 29, 1847. He has no children. He is nearing his fourscore years, and is in very feeble health and nearly deaf. He has long been known in his community as Uncle Buie. He is not now pastor of any church and soon his voice will be heard no more in the councils of Enon Association.


†† Don Dixon Carlos Smith is the last of the sons and daughters of Elder Daniel Smith, according to our record. We would not say that the nine sons and daughters of Elder Daniel Smith are listed in the order of their births. He was first married to Sarah Jane Meador and later to Eliza Meador. By Sarah Jane he had two sons, William Henry Smith, who became a very prominent Baptist minister; and Tom Smith, who had removed to Kentucky. By the second wife Don Dixon Carlos Smith was the father of Emmie Smith, went to Kentucky; Lura Smith, who never married; and Cora Smith, about whom we have no further information. The following sketch is from the same history above quoted:


†† "Elder W. H. Smith, Horse Cave, Hart County, Kentucky. His descendent is English, Irish, Scottish and German. He is low, heavy of build with red complexion. He is the son of Don Dixon Carlos and Sarah Jane [Meador] Smith. He was born in Macon County, Tennessee, July 9, 1952. He was brought up on the farm. He made profession at Enon church under the ministry of Elder John Patterson in September, 1866. He united with Liberty church, Macon County, Tennessee, the second Saturday in October, 1866, and was baptized by Elder W. L. Buie. He was ordained November 12, 1881, by Elders Crisley Miller and M. B. Ramsey with a number of deacons. He has been pastor as follows in Tennessee. Corinth, Hillsdale, Bellwood, Liberty, Defeated Creek, Carthage, New Salem, Rome, Knob Springs, Linwood, Smithville, Alexandria, Cedar Creek, Macedonia, Henning. In Kentucky as follows: Tompkinsville, Gamaliel, Rocky Hill, Salem, Hanging Fork, Cave City, Little Bethel, Hiseville, Rowletts. He was educated principally at Willette Academy. He is the author of two tracts: "What Baptism is For," and "Are Missionary Baptist churches, churches of Christ?" He was edited and published the Baptist Helper and Liberty Baptist. He was associate editor of the Baptist Gleaner, and has been contributor to quite a number of other papers. He was constituted three churches. He has perhaps baptized 800 people and also married a great many. He was first married to Louisa Catherine Woodcock, July 27, 1869, by whom he had five children, three boys and two girls. His oldest son, Don Q. is a minister. He was again married to Mattie Sampson, August 5, 1896. He has held a large number of debates with leading men."


†† William Henry Smith and his wife, Louisa Catherine Woodcock Smith, were the parents of a son, Don Q. Smith, another leading Baptist minister, who died in Nashville some time ago. He married Ruth Montgomery. William Henry Smith published at Willette, this county, the onlyBaptist paper ever published in this county. In the Times shop are still to be found some type cases formerly used by this Baptist minister. Other children of William Henry Smith included: Wylie Smith, Maggie Smith, who married a Gray; a daughter, whose name we do not know; and a son, Clay Smith.


†† The children of Billie Smith, who is supposed to have married Susan Dixon, were: Henry Smith, married his cousin, Sarah Smith; Hiram Smith, married Emmie Huddleston; Daniel Smith, married Sarah Huddleston, a sister to Emmie; Sarah Smith, married aEngland; Serilda Smith, married a Clark; Margaret Smith, married Dave Clark, a brother of Cis's husband; and Mary Smith, who never married.


†† Another early Smith was Malcolm Smith, born in the same North Carolina county that Daniel Smith was born in. The following is taken from Grime's History: "This veteran of the cross was born in Chatham County, North Carolina, in the year 1765. He professed hope in Christ in 1787 and was baptized by Elder Abel Oliver in his moorings in the Old North State and came to Tennessee, landing in Smith County, October, 1807. He cast his membership with that old historic Salt Lick Church, situated in the edge of Jackson County. It might be remarked just here that this was one of the oldest churches in this section, having been constituted in the early part of the century. He was ordained by this church in 1810, by Elder Miles West and others. His ministry was mostly confined to Smith and Macon Counties. He was a strong Calvinist in doctrine and his preaching was largely experimental. He raised a large family, most of whom became Baptists. One of his descendants, Elder E. L. Smith, of Mt. Tabor Church, is a noted minister of the gospel. He was present and assisted in the constitution of Salem Association in 1822. He was always busy about the Master's business till God called him home. He passed to his reward August 25, 1827. Peace to his ashes; would that we knew more of him."


†† Our records show that Malcolm was the father of Malcolm Smith, Jr., Abraham Smith, called Abel Smith; and a third son believed to have been named Cornelius Smith, and married perhaps a Miss West, Malcolm Smith, Jr., married Betsy Greanead, daughter of Foster and Rebecca Sutherland Greanead. Betsy was a sister to Polly Ann Greanead, whose real name was Mary Elizabeth who married Elder Luther Smith.


†† Malcolmand Betsy Smith's children were: Silas Smith, married Martha Cornwell, and removed to Missouri; and Babe Smith, married Easter Russell.


†† Abraham or Abel Smith, married Martha Dillehay and became the father of: Levi Smith, married Nicie Green; Obadiah Smith, commonly called "Boog," married Sallie Patterson, Maggie Garrett and Martha Cothern; Daniel Smith, married Milcie Ann Davis, Temple Ann Patterson, a sister of Sallie Patterson, and Mary Sloan; Luther Smith, married Mary Elizabeth Greanead; Calvin Smith, known as "Cab" Smith, married Elizabeth Dickerson; Henry Smith, died unmarried in the Civil War; Tommie J. Smith, married Mary Ann Piper; Neil S. Brown Smith, commonly called "Gub" Smith, married Crickett Thomas; Lucretia Smith, married Mack Grissom, and later William Eden; Betsy Smith, marrie dJohn Thomason, and later Jimmie Sutton; Nancy Smith, married James Green; Polly Ann Smith, never married; and Louisa Smith, a twin to Tommie J. Smith, died at the age of eight years. The following sketch of Luther Smith is given by Grime; "Elder E. L. Smith, Pleasant Shade, Smith County, Tennessee. He is of Scottish descent. He is rather low, medium size, with light complexion and slightly bald. He is the son of Abel and Martha P. Smith. He was born in the third district of Smith County, Tennessee, October 31, 1836. He was brought up on the farm. He made profession at Mt. Tabor Church, Smith County, Tennessee, October 31, 1851. He united with said church and was baptized by Elder John Hickman. He was ordained in October, 1864, by Elders E. B. Haynie and W. H. Haile. He has been pastor as follows [dates approximated]: Mt. Tabor, twenty-three years; Mt. Hope, five years; Salt Lick, five years; Union, two years; Ebenezer, five years; Sycamore Valley, eight years. All the education he has he acquired at home. He has constituted three churches. He has baptized and married a great many, but has no record. He was married to Miss Mary E. Greanead, August 20, 1854, by whom he has three children. He is in very feeble health and has retired from the pastorate, waiting for the summons home. God bless his declining days.


††† We have a list of numerous other descendents of these sons and daughters of Abraham Smith and his wife, Martha Dillehay Smith. If any reader desires the publication of their names, let us know.


††† If Miss Driver can give us any light on these early members of the Smith family and the connection, if any, between them, we shall appreciate it highly if she will give us such information.