March 28, 1957


This Article Appeared In The Times

But Was Not Actually Titled Calís Column


Transcribed by Janette West Grimes


Some Old Papers



†† In looking through some old papers recently we came across the following: Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 12, 1893.


†† We, the undersigned, called to assess differneces between one hogshead of tobacco 1839, R. B. M. No. 27 and corresponding Sample from Bremen Award against Nashville sample, three cents per lb., on loose leaves in same.E. Fitzpatrick, A. B. Hill, C. E. Dortch, Comm. G. W. Winters, Inspector, Dr.


†† To H. H. Poston,

Reclamation of No. 1839, R. B. M. No. 27-66 lbs. leaves, $1.98. Rec. Pay.†††††††††† H. H. Poston.


†† The letterhead has at the upper left hand corner, the following:


H. H. Poston, Leaf Tobacco

Broker, Cable address,


Officers of Tobacco Board of Trade. H. H. Poston, president; J. O. Gordon, vice-president; G. W. Winters, and Jesse Winters, Inspectors.


†† We do not know all the meaning of the above, but we recall that our own father used to sell tobacco at Nashville and later at Clarksville. Our father lost one hogshead of tobacco in a collision at a bridge at Clarksville, the boat going down in Cumberland River. Later the boat was raised and the tobacco was dried out and resold. The above receipt is nearly 54 years old.