July 26, 1955


This Article Appeared In The Times

But Was Not Actually Titled Calís Column


Transcribed by Janette West Grimes





†† Members of the Oldham family, to the number of 30 persons, met recently at the home of Sammie Oldham, in the Haysville section of this county, in a reunion. These are the descendants of George Oldham, who left Virginia for Smith County, Tenn., in the year 1805 and settled on the present H. F. Sloan farm, about a mile south of Pleasant Shade. George Oldham married a Miss Sutherland and reared a large family, all of the children having been born in Tennessee except the two oldest, daughters born in Virginia. The little family arrived in the fall of 1805 and took up their residence on the present Sloan farm. The husband and father is thought to have walked from Virginia, with his wife and two little girls riding horseback from the Old Dominion. On Peyton's Creek Oldham purchased a farm and reared a large family, composed of : Polly Ann, Judy, Sam, Tommie, William, Letha, James, Jane, Betsy, Adeline and George Oldham.


†† Sammie Oldham, in whose home the reunion was held, is the son of Hugh Oldham, the son of Sam Oldham, the Samuel above-mentioned as a son of George.


†† The family of Oldhams is now quite numerous in Middle Tennessee. The name was originally "Oldhome," or "Oldhame," being gradually changed to the present spelling. Later we hope to give an outline of the descendants of this early Smith County couple.