Transcribed by Timothy R. Meador, Jr.


July 22, 1954







The following letter was recently sent by the editor of the Times to the Texas lady who is the widow of Robert Leslie Jenkins, son of John Wesley Jenkins, son of Jimmie Jenkins, son of Noah Jenkins.  For the information of those who are interested in the history of the Jenkins family, we publish the letter as follows:

Lafayette, Tenn.

Mrs. Margaret Jenkins

306 Avondale Avenue

Houston, Texas


Dear Mrs. Jenkins:


        I am the party who wrote you fourteen years ago in an effort to learn something of the Jenkins family. I am Calvin Gregory, a Baptist minister and the owner and editor of the Macon County Times, a weekly newspaper published here in Lafayette some five miles from where Noah Jenkins lived on Long Creek as far back as 1804. I have as a wife, the former Miss Betty Jenkins, daughter of William Jenkins, son of George Jenkins and his wife, the former Mary Sullivan; and the great granddaughter of Jimmie Jenkins, born in 1805 and died in 1890, married the former Miss Dolly Holland. Jimmie Jenkins was the son of Noah Jenkins.


        In my research work, I find every evidence I have unearthed so far goes to show that Mrs. Noah Jenkins was the former Miss Martha Walton. I have found also that Noah Jenkins’ father was William Jenkins, who died in 1807 and whose sale is on record in Nashville, Tenn. His wife was named Nancy, but we do not know her family name.


        In your letter to me, you mentioned Noah’s offspring, or rather his children, as Everett Jenkins, Joe Jenkins, Celia Jenkins and Jimmie Jenkins. I find in the census records for this section in 1820 the names of: James Jenkins, then above 45 years of age; and he had one female under ten, one from 10 to 16 years old, two females form 16 to 26, and one female over 45 years of age, no doubt his wife. He then owned 21 negro slaves. So this could not have been my wife’s great grandfather, for he was only 15 years old in 1820. Noah Jenkins in 1820 had the following in his family: One male under ten, one from 10 to 15, no doubt, Jimmie, one from 18 to 26, either Joe or Everett Jenkins, we feel sure, and one male over 45, Noah, himself, we feel sure.  Females were: One from 45 years and upward, his wife, we would judge, and nine negro slaves.


        We also find listed in the 1820 census one Averette Jenkins who was then between 18 to 26. We hardly think this could have been the Everett Jenkins, son of Noah, although it is possible. Do you know whether there was a variation in the spelling?  Averett had, in 1820, no males in his family except himself.  Females included: One under ten, and one from 16 to 26, his wife, we presume.  He owned one slave at that time.


        Roderick Jenkins is another head of a Jenkins family listed in 1820.  He was then over 45 years of age, and so was his wife, the former Miss Pack, an Indian woman. Roderick and Noah were brothers.  John Jenkins and Jacob Jenkins, living in Jackson County, Tennessee, in 1820, appears to be correct.  Although Roderick and his wife had a large number of children, it appears that all of them had left the old roof in 1820.  I have a fairly complete list of the descendants of Roderick Jenkins, and can give you this information if you want it.


        Now several questions have arisen in our little mind.  Did Noah Jenkins have children other than those above named?  Whom did Celia marry?  It is not possible, according to your information, that Joe Jenkins, son of Noah, might have had the Bible name, Josiah?


        Now we have lately learned a number of things about certain members of the Jenkins family and this would fit into the picture if Joe Jenkins, was the same as Josiah Jenkins.  We have lately learned that the following member of a Jenkins family of a long time ago, once lived not far from the home of Jim Jenkins: Little Jimmie Jenkins, Jeff, Josiah, Shel, Rhoda, and Jane Jenkins were the children of some Jenkins of a long, long time ago.  Sam Jenkins, our wife’s uncle, says he thinks their father was Josiah Jenkins, and is sure that they were related to him, that his father, George Jenkins, used to refer to at least a part of the number as cousins.


        George Jenkins, son of Jimmie, has one son, Sam Jenkins, of Route one, Westmoreland; and two daughters, Mrs. Rebecca Simmons and Mrs. Georgia Wheeley, both of Route two, Westmoreland, Tennessee, still living.


        Please write to me and tell me the answers to the above questions if you can. Any information will be appreciated.


        Hoping to be favored with an early reply and with every good wish, I am


Sincerely yours,

Calvin Gregory


Since writing the above letter, we have definitely learned that the father of Little Jimmie, Shell, Josiah, and Jeff Jenkins was named Joe Jenkins, very probably his full name having been Josiah.  This would correspond with the fact that Little Jimmie would have been so-called because his uncle was Jimmie Jenkins.  Then the fact that he had a son, Josiah, also lends color to the truth of this matter.


         We are sorry not to have any information as to the offspring of Everett Jenkins, or his sister, Celia.  We do not know whom she married.  If any reader of the paper can furnish the desired information, please communicate with us as early as you can.