February 2, 1956


Transcribed by Don B. Shoulders






315 West 44th Street

Vancouver, Washington

January 19, 1956


Elder Calvin Gregory,

Macon County Times,

Lafayette, Tenn.


Dear Elder Gregory: 


Will you please send a six months, subscription of the Macon County  Times to my father, Mr. John Lafayette Humble, Box 10 Hamilton, Montana? 


Incidentally, my father is the name sake of his uncle, John Lafayette Humble, who was born 19 November, 1847, in Smith County, Tennessee.  We don’t know any specific reason for the name “Lafayette ,” but we do believe the Humble family lived in Smith County at the time Macon County was formed in 1842 from Smith and Sumner.   Births are dated from 1835 to 1847 of this Michael and Elizabeth Canard (Kennard) Humble family.  All legal papers of these children claim Smith County as their birthplace. 


Thank you again for your interest and valued assistance in family history and for your splendid paper, the Macon County Times.  Father will just enjoy reading it so much.


With kindest personal regards,

Carolyn Humble Fish


(Editor’s notes.)  We find some information about the Humble family in old records.  The following is noted:  George Humble, born June 15, 1773, Humphreys County.  This perhaps means he died in Humphreys  County, Tennessee, as the county was not formed until long after 1773.


Sarah Humble, born Oct. 16, 1770, and was the wife of George Humble.  She died in 1852.  George Humble and Sarah Humble were married  July 31, 1795, but we do not know where.


Children of this marriage, in part at least, were: Margaret Humble, born Oct. 8, 1796, married William McCasland on July 31, 1823 and died on April 6, 1860;  Jacob Humble, born July 30, 1798; John Humble, March 6, 1800; Mary Humble, born Dec. 17, 1801; Elizabeth Humble, born Aug. 30, 1804;  Martha Humble, born July 29, 1807;  David Humble, Oct. 6, 1809; and Sarah Jane Humble, born Oct. 10, 1811.


The places of the births of these sons and daughters of George and Sarah Humble are not given. The words, “Humphreys County,” followed the date of the birth of George Humble, but there is no mention made except this one item as to any of the places of the births or deaths of any other members of the Humble family.  This record is from the Bible of James McCasland, in the possession of Mrs. James Napier whose address we do not have.  It is found in the book entitled “Bible Records and Marriage Bonds,” by Jeannette Tillotson Acklen, assisted by Vaught, Bouton, Jetton and Ogden.  This book was copyrighted in 1933, and is still being sold.


In the same book, on page 461, is the following marriage record:  On Sept. 29, 1810, William F. Overall married Terry Humble, in Wilson County, Tenn., the county seat being Lebanon, and Located 35 miles south of Lafayette.  The surety on the marriage bond was Nace Overall.


The same Mrs. Acklen was the author of another book, entitled, “Tombstone Inscriptions and Historical Manuscripts,” also published in 1933.  On page 153 and 154 are the names and etc., of quite a number of men, women and children buried in Liberty Cemetery, two and a half miles south of McMinnville, Tenn., nearly 100 miles south of Lafayette, Tenn.  Liberty is the name of the Cumberland Presbyterian church.  We find the following about the Humble family on the stones and markers in the cemetery:  Margaret W. Humble, Oct. 23, 1796-April 22, 1881.  This could not have been the Margaret Humble first referred to in this article, for there is a discrepancy of 15 days in the birth dated and 21 years in the death dates.  Next in the old cemetery records is Isaac Humble, Sept. 10, 1795-Nov. 24, 1862.  Next is Zachariah Humble, Jan. 26, 1847-May 8, 1863.  Next is the name of Willy Humble, March 16, 1862--.


The date of his death is not known.  Indication to the writer, judging from the old records, is that Isaac Humble was the husband of Margaret D. Humble. 


We have a brief account of the life of Rev. Henry Humble, pioneer Baptist preacher of Louisiana.  He was born in South Caroline in 1765, settled in Catahoula Parish, La., in 1822; and in 1826, gather the first  (Baptist) church on the Ouachita; was moderator of the Louisiana Association in 1828, and the following year died while attending the Association.


Rev. Thomas J. Humble, the leading minister of the Quachita Bapist Association in Louisiana, was born in Caldwell parish, La., in 1829: has long been the efficient clerk of his Association, and frequently its moderator.  We regret that we do not know the relationship of these two Humble ministers, if any, and also that we have so meager a record of two prominent men.