December 2, 1954


This Article Appeared In The Times

But Was Not Actually In Cal’s Column


Transcribed by Timothy R. Meador, Jr.




The following card has been received from Mrs. Beryl Pepple Monroe, of Box 55, Venedocia, Ohio: “Dear Cal: Reg. The Burford data, possible connection with Attorney-General Burford, formerly of Maryland, D. by 1689 when his widow, Madame Ann Burford and a daughter, Jane Burford, were witnesses of a Doyne will. Anne Doyne, another daughter of Attorney-General Thomas Burford, married Robert Doyne, who died in 1694. I enjoy your paper.” We extend thanks to Mrs. Monroe. If any of our readers know of any connection between the Tennessee Burfords and the family above mentioned, let us know and we shall be glad to publish same.




This Article Appeared In The Times

But Was Not Actually In Cal’s Column




315 West 44th St.,

Vancouver, Wash.,

November 11, 1954


Rev. Calvin Gregory,

Macon County Times,

Lafayette, Tennessee


Dear Rev. Gregory:


        The Macon County Times of October 21, 1954 brought us much pleasure when we saw Son Don’s picture right on the front page!  Thank you so much -- doubly appreciate your thought as it isn’t often a young man’s picture would be printed in a Tennessee paper in the vicinity where his 2nd and 3rd great-grandfathers lived, just because he caught some fish --- a normal, healthy pursuit of happiness --- nothing out-of –the-ordinary. We liked that so much.

        So glad you enjoyed the small gift. Nothing could possibly be sent to you that in any way would show the great appreciation we feel due to your efforts to help us trace our HUMBLE Family line. We were most discouraged until you gave us help; and, since then have redoubled our efforts and the puzzle is beginning to be fitted together.


        The search is systematically covering the upper section of Middle Tennessee and will say the history is most fascinating in all respects.  Since our people were devout Baptists, we are searching the church records.  I wrote Mr. Henry J. Deal, Burns, Tennessee, to inquire if “Records of the Turnbull Baptist Church, 1806-1865” were ever copied in book form or where these records might be examined. I hope Mr. Deal is living – elderly gentleman if so.


        Recently came into possession of many original New York City Supreme and Mayor’s Court Documents.  Please advise if you have progenitors in that section, period 1790 to 1815 and all papers of your people shall be yours. Sending along the only Gregory paper.  Also is interests in Rhode Island, will be glad to check 3 volumes Vital Records of R. I., 1636-1850, James N. Arnold. Contains List of Members, Dec. 23, 1671-1836, of the First Sabbatarian Church of Newport (7th day doctrine) and, if this list is of interest, will send transcription to you with pleasure.


        Enjoy every issue of the Macon County Times. With kindest regards to you and yours, I am


Most sincerely,

Carolyn Humble Fish



(Editor’s note.  We appreciate very highly the nice letter received about two weeks ago from Mrs. Fish. She has sent me the following original record:

“In Chancery ---

        Bernard Hanlon


       Sir Joseph Gregory

Please to take notice I appear for the above Defendant at the suit of the above complainant, and that the appearance has been duly entered with Isaac L. Kips, one of the clerks of this court.


       Dated Aug. 18, 1803.

      Your humble servant,

      Richard Harrison,

      Sol. To Deft.

      R. P. Lee, Solicitor for Complt.”


        We have not the least idea to who Joseph Gregory of 1803 was. A hundred fifty-one years have passed since that distant day and time.


        We appreciate the kind letter of Mrs. Fish and thank her for the gift and for her communication.  If we learn more of the Humble family, we shall try to publish same at an early date.)