December 11, 1952


Transcribed by Timothy R. Meador, Jr.





1437 East 39,

Apt. E,

Tulsa, Oklahoma.

November 24, 1952


Mr. Calvin Gregory

Macon County Times

Lafayette, Tenn.


Dear Mr. Gregory:


        Thank you so very much for a copy of the August 21st Times with the article on the Witchers. I am very interested in this family and am enclosing two charts which I have made from information supplied by the family here and by Mr. Ora Witcher of whom I wrote you. I am also sending you a few notes I have in the hope they will show some light on your questions.


        William Witcher, 1724-1880, Capt., Pittsylvania Co., Va., born in England and died in Virginia, married Polly (Sallie) Dalton. His son, Daniel (1746-1785?) married 1767 Susanna. Daniel was a collector of fines for bounty of soldiers under Col. Davis. He died in Smith Co., Tenn. Daniel had a daughter, Tabitha.


        Source of this not certain, but believe it is from a book in our public library and could try to verify it if important to you.


        Capt. Wm. Witcher was a vestryman of Camden Dist. Parish, 1763. He raised a company of militia in 1775. Died in Pittslyvania Co., Va., 1820. His wife was Polly Dalton.


        From Archives Dept., State Library, Richmond Va. Va. Soldiers of 1776, p 1228, by Burgess (not in index).


        1790 Va. Census, Pitts. Co. Witcher, Daniel, James, John, Wm.


        W. W. Witcher born January 19, 1853, died January 15, 1912.


        Samantha (Mattie) Sloan Witcher, wife of W. W. Witcher, born February 3, 1858, died December 15, 1915.


        Richarson Graveyard Tombstone Inscriptions.


        Milton Young married Nancy Witcher, September 16, 1790.


        Nancy Witcher, daughter of Daniel and Susannah Witcher, born March 12, 1768.


        Patsy Witcher, deceased on Monday, the10th of April, 1815.


        Susannah, Witcher, departed this life 13th September, 1818.


        Milton Young died January 10, 1834.


Nancy Young, wife of Milton Young, departed this life September 10, 1856. - - The Milton Young Bible Records.


In court minutes 1836-1840 Nathan Witcher mentioned in 1836 and Lacy in 1840.


        Tandy Wade Witcher had sister, Jane Witcher Brown. She had three children –Tandy Witcher Brown, Nancy Elizabeth (Mrs. W. A. Jones, deceased, February 20, 1952. and Urah, still living, address Rt. 1, Box 25, Granville, Tenn. Tandy Wade Witcher married Mary E. Baugh. Nancy Eliz. Brown Jones’ grandfather was Daniel Witcher, wife, Martha, and he came from N. Carolina and he and wife died near Bagdad and are buried on Jennings’ Creek. Her uncle, Tandy Witcher, owned a store at Flynn’s Lick. Another uncle, Pleas (Pleasant?) married and lived in Kentucky. – From Mrs. W. A. Jones.


        I should have said that our chart if from information supplied by the family here and by Mrs. Jones. She added the Daniel and Martha(?) generation for me. The rest was furnished by William Robert Witcher, my son’s grandfather.


        Mr. Jones wrote me that “an old man named Billingsley who lived neighbor to the Witchers knows a lot of the family” but she couldn’t get over to visit him and I have neither his full name nor address.


        I understand from some note I made in the past that a Mrs. Rhea E. Garrett, a genealogist of Dixon Springs, Tenn., is interested in Smith County, Tennessee, records and wonder if you know of her work.


        The fact that the Witcher children were orphaned no doubt makes it very difficult to trace the line.


        I am wondering how extensive your interest is in this family – whether as members of your community or possibly as relatives. I think it is a splendid thing to publish such articles as you are doing. It does help others who are searching for records and it encourages people to maintain an active interest in the family, the basis of our society, and the heritage of the American people.


        I realize that you are very busy and your time no doubt more than full, but shall be so pleased to hear from you if you care to write. Any information about the Witchers, or any suggestions for continued research will be more than welcome.



                       (Mrs.) Mary Smith Witcher



The editor of the Times is not related to the Witcher family in any way, but he desires to help keep alive such information, as some later member of the family may desire and which will perhaps not be obtainable on the part of such a person. Hence we are glad to publish the above informative letter from Mrs. Mary Smith Witcher. We shall strive to add some items of interest now and then as we obtain same. Mrs. Witcher’s kind words about the paper are appreciated and make the editor to feel that he is not laboring in vain when he publishes historical matters.