April 18, 1957


Transcribed by Gary Jenkins






Lafayette, Tenn.,

March 23, 1957


Elder Calvin Gregory,

Lafayette, Tenn.


Dear Brother Gregory:


        I wonder if you have any record of the Dillard and Lyles family.  My grandfather, Ransom H. Dillard, a soldier of the Civil War, was born in Smith County, Tenn., and died at his home in Allen County, Ky., on Nov. 30, 1946, at the age of 99 years, ten months, and six days.  He was the son of Carroll Dillard, who was born Feb. 20, 1819, and died Feb. 5, 1897.  I have no information as to where Carroll Dillard was born or who his parents were. 


        Carroll Dillard was first married to a Crosslin.  I have no further information of her, although she was my great-grandmother.  Fountain P. Dillard, son of Carroll Dillard and the Crosslin woman, was born in 1844 and was first married to Tilda Blankenship.  Children of this marriage were Jim Dillard, married a White; Nelson Dillard, married Bessie Williams; Henry Dillard married Fannie Jones; Mary Dillard married Albert Caruthers; and Tom Dillard, no information. 


       Fountain P. Dillard married second time to Tilda Bandy, by whom he was the father of:  Jesse Dillard, Louis Dillard, and Patty Dillard, who married a Cherry.  Ransom H. Dillard married Martha Jane Doss, by whom he was the father of Charles G. Dillard who married Floretta Blankenshio; Franklin Dillard, who married Mary Elizabeth Jenkins Harrison; William A. Dillard, Calperine Elizabeth Law; Freely A. Dillard, married Joann bishop; Lillie A. Dillard, married Joe A. Lyles; Galen H. Dillard, married Effie Tracy; Rosa A. Dillard, married married Albert Ray; and Tillis A. (Dock) Dillard married Versie Goad. 


        All the children of Ransom H. Dillard and Martha Jane Doss Dillard are living except the youngest son, Tillis M. Dillard, who died Nov 26, 1926.  Rufus Dillard, son of Carroll Dillard and the Crosslin woman, was a Baptist minister for many years.  We have no information as to whom Rufus first married, but the children of this marriage were:  Franklin Dillard, Johnnie Dillard, Eddie Dillard, Chester Dillard, Geneva Dillard, who married a Harper; and Neasie Dillard, who married Washie King. 


        Rufus later married Frances Fishburn.  We have no record of any children being born to them.  Josie, daughter of Carroll Dillard and the Crosslin woman, but we have no record of whom Josie married.

We have the name of daughter of Josie, Mary Bates, and know not whether there were other children.  Patty, daughter of Carroll Dillard and the Crosslin woman, married William West and became the mother of Nancy, married a West; Pernie, married a West; Patie, married Sheridan Cook; and Virgie and Rufus West. 


        Carroll Dillard's second wife was Leathie, last name not known.  She was the mother of Tennie, married a Lewis and became the mother of Amanda, Willie, Theodora, and Elzie Lewis.  Tennie later married a West and became the mother of Mattie, married a Tucker;  and a son, now Judge G. C. West.  Perhaps there are other children, but we do not know their names.