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                  ALPINE HINTS AND CLUES - A data base containing 6,336 entries dealing with the people of the Alpine region of Overton County. The data was taken from 4 area newspaper from the period of 1891 - 1952. Price: $30 + $5 SH

                  DOWN THE ROAD A PIECE - A funny look back into lives of the Upper Cumberland and South Central Kentucky is portrayed in this work. The index lists 1,312 individuals who appeared in local newspaper stories during the period 1870 - 1934. All clippings are dated as they actually appeared. The 311 page book contains such chapters as Just Plain Strange, Human Triumphs, Epidemics, Unique People, Just Joking, Early Entertainment, Of a Religious Nature, Odd Sayings, Old Advertisements, Nature¹s Furies and several others. Stories such as Steel Man, Jimtown Ghost, Free Oil, Doctor Mummy, and Fentress County Big Foot will delight the reader for hours. Price: $45.00 postpaid

                  IT HAPPENED HERE ABOUTS This book deals with the sensational stories published in 44 different newspapers of the Upper Cumberland and South Central Kentucky regions from 1870's to 1934. There are 3,995 individuals indexed along with the stories as they actually appeared in the newspapers. All clippings are dated by the issue of each newspaper. The book contains 611 pages. Chapter titles include: murders, lesser crimes, bootlegging, jail breaks, area fires, and accidents galore. Price: $65.00 postpaid

                  25th TENNESSEE INFANTRY This book contains 1,486 men from Overton, White, Putnam, Jackson, Clay, Pickett, and Fentress Counties. There are many pictures along with their military records, company and regimental statistics, pension records, census records, and newspaper clippings. The book is over 550 pages with an index and timeline. The price is $55.00 postpaid

                  HAMILTON AND SHAW'S CAVALRY BATTALION  This Confederate unit operated mainly in the Jackson, Clay, and Overton Counties of
Tennessee. Made of only 200 men, this unit was supposed to cover an area of several hundred square miles. Champ Ferguson scouted for them. When Major
Hamilton was killed while captive at Lexington, Kentucky, Ferguson went on a rampage at Saltville, Virginia to avenge his friend. Cost is $35.00 post paid

                  PICKETT COUNTY CEMETERY BOOK: Bye and Bye. It has over 7,000 names in an alphabetical data base. The book is 211 pages with directions to each cemetery and a map provided. Cost is $40.00 + $5.00 SH

                  CHAMP FERGUSON's SCOUTS The book lists his men and gives brief biographies. Pictures of some of the men or their tombstones are included. Champ's victims are pictured as well as his foes. Lots of photos include the site of Champ's hanging as well as his land in Clinton County. Cost $30.00 +  $5.00 SH

                  SKETCH OF CHAMP FERGUSON by Ricky Wright 11" x 14" and on acid-free paper  Cost $5.00 +  $3.00 SH

_______    SKETCH OF TINKER DAVE BEATY   by Ricky Wright 11" x 14" and on acid-free paper  Cost $5.00 + $3.00 SH

_______    TINKER DAVE BEATY'S INDEPENDENT SCOUTS The book lists each member of the scouts and tries to give a personality sketch of the individual soldier. Several members have individual pictures or tombstone pictures included. Cost $30.00 + $5.00 SH

_______    FENTRESS COUNTY CEMETERY BOOK: FOOTPRINTS The book will have a database with categories for name, birth date, death date, additional genealogical information, and cemetery. There are 17,177 names in the alphabetized book. Large maps of Fentress County, Jamestown, and Allardt will be included with directions to each cemetery   Cost $50.00 + $5.00 SH

_______    FENTRESS COUNTY HINTS AND CLUES a compiled alphabetical database made from the various Fentress County newspapers from 1891 to 1946. The subject of the work is the migrations into and out of Fentress County.
There are over 5,500 listings of marriages, dead letters, public land sales, absent tax payers, out of state court suits, obituaries, military records, and letters from out of state. Included are a few odd listings such as tornadoes, earthquakes, 3-winged chickens, and the American Nazi Party speaking in Fentress County. Just plain lots of hints and clues about the genealogy of Fentress County. Cost $20.00 + $5.00 SH

_______    OVERTON COUNTY VETERANS' BOOK (2001) is now on sale. It contains the pictures and military records of hundreds of men who served in the military service from the Spanish-American War through the Vietnam War. Each soldier provided information including enlistment date, place of training, assignments, awards won, rank, and list of time served. The book is spiral bound with a vinyl coated cover. Cost: $55.00 + $5.00 SH

_______     1854 LIVINGSTON, TENNESSEE BAR LEDGER It contains over 3,700 entries of customers who entered the bar in Livingston during the year 1854. The alphabetical database shows each person's name, order, bill, and date of purchase. The book gives an insight into early Livingston and its people. Price: $20.00 + $5.00 SH

                   OVERTON COUNTY ROLL CALL: 2ND EDITION (2000) -This two-volume set contains 29,929 alphabetized names of individuals buried in Overton County Tennessee. Over 600 cemetery sites are named as well as directions to each. Data listed includes name, birth date, date of death, additional genealogical information, and respective cemetery. Local histories, census records, obituaries, family genealogies, and military records were used to add information for almost every individual listed. Persons who were buried just over today's Overton County line, but may have been former residents of Overton County are included. Maps are included for Overton, Clay, Pickett, Fentress, and Putnam cemeteries that were once considered in Overton County. This is a 900+ page set took over 20 years in the making. Soft-bound with vinyl-covered wire bindings, this set has a clear vinyl cover and is heat wrapped to protect it before purchase. Price: $80.00

                   THE DALE HOLLOW LAKE GRAVES (1999, Reprint 2003) - Approximately 825, known graves were moved from the Dale Hollow Lake Pool Area by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the early 1940's. The counties of Clay, Overton, and Pickett in Tennessee as well as Cumberland and Clinton Counties in Kentucky were affected by the, removal of these graves. Each individual name has a listing of the original cemetery site, the persons alphabetized name, date of birth, date at death, additional genealogical information, and eventual resting-place. Digital pictures and GPS plotting.  This 50:page soft -bound work is vinyl-covered for long lasting use. Price: $30.00 + $5.00 SH

                   CLINTON COUNTY CEMETERY BOOK: ROCK OF AGES (1999) -This work of 397 pages contains the burial records of over 14,000 individuals buried in the Albany - Clinton County area. Each alphabetized name has a category for birth date, date of death, additional genealogical information, and respective cemetery site. Soft-bound with vinyl-covered wire bindings, this Look is made to last years. Directions to each cemetery are included with the county map. Price: $45.00

                  THE HISTORY OF LIVINGSTON ACADEMY BOYS' BASKETBALL 1956-1976 - Relive the golden days of Upper Cumberland high school basketball at Livingston Academy. Press clippings, individual and team pictures, annuals, and local newspaper stories bring the era to life as LA rolls to victory -after victory. Individual-and team stats are used for each year as well as a posting of the team's schedule and results. Individual interviews and clippings mention many other area teams and opposing players. Soft-bound with 325 pages. A must it you ever attended "Hogeye". Price: $20.00 + $5.00 SH

_______    THE BIG FENTRESS COUNTY CENSUS BOOK 1820-1890 - It contains all the census records available for Fentress County in that period. The 1820 White and Overton County records are there as well as the 1890 Veterans' Census. In all, there are 28,800+ records of individuals or families listed. The book is 655 pages and is an alphabetical database. Price: $70.00 + $5.00 SH

                  LIVINGSTON ACADEMY GRADUATING CLASSES 1913-2000 This newly released book lists the graduating classes by year with the names in alphabetical order. From the first class with its four graduates to today's classes of 200. The 56-page book is soft-bound with a vinyl cover. Price--- $20.00 + $5.00 SH

______    COMING HOME lists 3,000 persons who were born or lived in Overton County and were buried elsewhere. These names were taken from obituaries found in the Livingston / Overton County newspapers from 1914 - 2000. An alphabetical database was used for the listings. Birth dates, death dates, additional genealogical information, and final resting place is given for each individual. Price: $20.00 + $5.00 SH

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