Courthouse burning

The following article was found in Bicentennial Echoes of the History of
Overton County Tennessee by Robert L. and Mary Eldridge;

Perhaps the greatest financial loss in this County during the Civil War was
the burning of the courthouse in Livingston, which occured in April 1865,
near the close of the war, and which deed apparently accomplished no purpose
toward the winning of the war of bringing peace to a war torn County. This
building was burned by Capt. John Francis and a small band of confederate
guerillas, who came down from Kentucky on a raid.
Almost all of the public records made from the beginning of the County (est.
1806) were destroyed except the deed books in the office of the County
register, which had been hid in a cellar under the house of James Richardson
who was the County register when the war started. Richardson lived at the
time on the lot on the north east corner of the Public Square, near where
Lester Holman now lives. A few record books in the offices of the County
Clerk, the circuit Court Clerk and the clerk and master were also saved