The Weekly Crescent

The Weekly Crescent

Volume 1 Livingston, Tenn., Tuesday August 15, 1899, Number 48

John HANCOCK, Jr. Editor (The meanest white man in America)

Hon. J.M. HEAD has announced his candidacy for Mayor of the great city of Nashville. Col. HEAD is one of the foremost men of the State and we predict that he will win in this race with the greatest of ease.

The many friends of Hon. E.W. CARMACK will be glad to know that he is much better and will soon be out again.


Clay County – Crops and pastures much improved by late rains; early corn coming out fine.

Fentress County-Long drought broken but corn cant make over half crop; tobacco small but doing well.

Overton County-Warm sunshine following good rains benefited our growing crops; Corn making rapid growth.

Putnam County-Plenty of rain; corn as good as last year; pastures good, stock fat, peas doing well.

Coffee County-Fair and warm; crops improving wonderfully; large late hay crop coming in; rain 5th.

Cumberland County-Crops looking fine; corn on good land extra fine; peas millet and sweet potatoes fine.

Sumner County-Week most favorable for crops; corn much revived; turnip sowing in progress.

Trousdale County-Good rains; crops coming out beyond expectations; large acreage of hay seeded

Wilson County-Favorable for work; farmers busy planting peas, millett, etc., for hay; late crops promising.


Fentress County Gazette

The little girl of Jas. OWENS was bitten by a rattlesnake a few days ago. Prompt remedies were applied and the child is now getting well.

Jas. ALEXANDER, who had his leg broken some time ago by a tree falling on it, has so far recovered as to be able to come to town, though he still has to use crutches.

Uncle Mathew WRIGHT died at Little Crab last Thursday. Mr. WRIGHT was one of the oldest and most respected citizens of this county. He was 81 years old and had been failing for some time.

Gainsboro Sentinel

John HAWKINS was arraigned before Esq. YOUNG Tuesday on a charge of stealing two dollars. The charge was made out and in default of bail the young man was lodged in jail to await the action of the Grand Jury.

Mrs. Alice GAILBREATH who lives on Roaring River, had an exciting experience returning home last Tuesday. Her horse became frightened going around a bluff and backed off a high embankment seriously injuring itself and completely demolishing the buggy. Mrs. GAILBREATH jumped out of the buggy just before it went over and escaped injury.

Bill ALLEN, a young man who lives near the Clay County line, go himself into serious trouble last Saturday by dressing up to fine. He hooked a coat and vest at Gailbreath & Haile, Flynn’s Lick, and a pair of pants from Ben COOPER’s, same place. He could not however cover his trail so well that deputy Sheriff W.G. SADLER had him in town the next day. He was given a preliminary hearing, confessed the theft, and was lodged in jail.

Cookeville Press

A new post office has been established four miles north of Cookeville, to be known as Shipley. R.W. KING is postmaster.

Heiskell RECTER, son of Jack RECTOR (two different spellings of last name) who lives near Algood, was severely cut on the face last Monday. We have been unable to learn how it happened.

The widow DANIELS, who lived two miles west of Cookeville died last Friday after a prolonged affliction with cancer.

W.B. FORD, formerly a citizen of Cookeville, but for several years a prominent tobacco manufacturer in Smith and Trousdale Counties, spent the first of the week here.

The closing exercises of Miss HAYTER’s music class at Monterey last Saturday evening were very interesting. An elaborate program was carried out which successfully demonstrated the superior ability of Miss HAYTER as an instructor in music.

From Allons

Aug 10, 1899

E.D. WHITE from Livingston was here yesterday on business.

GUNNELS & DILLEN report that they threshed 2,852 bushels of wheat this year; PETERMAN & Son 700; GARRETT & BURGESS about 8,000

S.R. PETERMAN is doing good work in his blacksmith shop.

Logging is in full blast here now.

Rev. COOP of the Christian order held a very interesting meeting here last week.

Eld. Isaac SEWELL preached here last Sunday.


J.R. MITCHELL leaves today for Byrdstown. He will poll the voters of that County and then he goes to Fentress County to do the same.

The old lady HATCHER, mother of Joe D., died at the latter’s residence yesterday morning of heart disease. She had eaten a hearty breakfast and seemed to be all right for one her age, but she went in and laid down to rest and died suddenly. She was a very old and respected lady, perhaps in her nineties.

Jack LEE, deputy Sheriff of Putnam County was found dead at the foot of a large bluff one day last week. It was first thought that he was murdered and thrown over, but further investigation proved otherwise. It was learned that he had made an appointment with the Sheriff to meet at some place in the neighborhood the night of his sad fate, and having got lost and in his efforts to find a way out fell over the bluff. His horse was found hitched nearby, his money, papers, etc. were on his dead body, and no sign of any violence.

A very serious cutting affair happened in Pickett County one day last week. The facts the best we could get them are as follows: A young lady teacher by the name of CLAIBORNE had whipped a young girl who was a student of hers by the name of NICHOLAS: This seemed to have enraged the latter’s brother, who was about eighteen years of age, so he went over to "clean up the teacher". After he had cut her most severely and abused her shamefully she sent for her father who lived but a short distance from the schoolhouse: when he arrived young NICHOLAS attacked him in a ferocious manner, cutting him seriously and wounding him other ways. NICHOLAS fled into Kentucky but was pursued, captured and is now incarcerated in the Pickett County jail. If the report is true, when Judge SMITH is done with him, "he will have a plenty."

A.L. WINDLE visited at Monroe last Saturday.

John COOK was in town last week.

Wm. BOYD and wife returned from a weeks visit in Warren County last Friday. He says crops are fine in that part of the country.

Mr. and Mrs. B.O. BOWDEN are visiting in Nettle Carrier and Fentress County this week.

Rev. W.T. RODGERS of Nashville will begin a series of meetings here Tuesday night the 22nd.

Albert ESTES surprised his folks by coming home last Tuesday. He has been attending school in Bloomfield, MO and will return in about a month.

The hucksters are making things lively here in buying produce from the merchants.

Mrs. Liunia MARCHBANKS and daughter, Laura returned to their home in Nashville last Thursday.

Squire John B. ALLISON was in town Saturday preparing pension papers for the widow CARMACK who will draw as the widow of Uncle George CARMACK.

Dr. SHELTON reports that Miller B. SMITH is still improving. Also the death of a little child of Fait LACY.

E.C. KNIGHT was up at Byrdstown several days last week on legal business.

Mrs. Minnie MAY, of Lebanon, Ala. daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas HAUKINS is visiting here now.

Dr. Dillard HATCHER went home yesterday to be at the funeral of his Grandmother.

Harris HATCHER passed through town Sunday in route to Nashville but did not get further than Algood, there a message reached him telling of the death of his Grandmother, the old lady HATCHER, so he returned home.

One of the oldest citizens of Livingston, Joe L. LACY, died suddenly at his home yesterday evening of heart failure. Mr. LACY was a quiet, harmless and respected citizen.

Deputy collector John OLIVER and Deputy Marshals Cecil STONE and S. J. DECK accompanied by O.C. CHRISTIAN, John HART, James SPARKMAN and others, made a raid on a wild cat distillery up on Little Hurricane Creek last Friday night. They succeeded in cutting up a still but failed to make any arrests.

Dr. CAPPS and mother were called to Byrdstown last Saturday to see Clifton CAPPS who is very low with typhoid fever and hemorrhage of the bowels. At this writing he is reported doing better.

We noticed several teachers in town Saturday: Profs. A.R. HOGUE, A.P. COLE, Henry FERRIL, and A.K. LEA

B.S. BILBREY of Hilham was in town yesterday.

B.D. WHITE and W.D. FISKE were up on the mountain taking depositions yesterday.


August 12, 1899

Miss Cora JOHNSON who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Ada HULL, at Celina, Tenn., returned home Sunday.

Willow Grove is a quiet little place having one rolling mill and saw mill and two blacksmiths shops.

Joe D. HATCHER, of Eagle Creek passed here this morning on his way to Celina.

The drummers who stopped here this week were Frank COOPER, Fowler STAGGS, and W.C. WILLIAMSON.


At the courthouse. The committee met and Capt. J.A. BARNES was called to the chair. The plan for feeding the old Confederates on 23rd of Sept. was discussed and it was agreed for the committee heretofore appointed solicit provisions to be put in some wagon that will deliver them on the fair grounds the morning of the 23rd of Sept. when the following committee will take charge and place on the tables, the following is the committee to receive the provisions at the fair grounds:

1 District J.H. BILBREY

2 " "John PHILLIPS

3 " " John COOK, Sam DAVIS, W.H. FLEMING

4 " " O. PRICE


  2. Henry JACKSON
  3. A.J. WALKER, Sr.
  4. Mag SPECK

All confederates are requested and expected to solicit provisions and by some way see that they are brought to the fairgrounds that we may have plenty and to spare we must feed the old Comfeds, so rise in your manhood and do what you can, one and all of us must work. A.L. WINDLE, Sr. Secretary


Miss Annie WASHBURN is very ill.

Mrs. J.K. RICHMOND of Nashville has been here for several days at the bedside of her brother Joshua HAILE who has been quite low for the past week or two.

J.W. DRAPER has accepted the position of salesman for Quarles and Sadlers store.

Travis TRISDALE, who lives near town, fell off a loaded wagon returning from Double Springs last week. His arm and leg were badly crushed from which he is confined at home.

Charley TAYLOR, a constable of the 6th district, was tried here Tuesday before Esquires YOUNG and RASH on a charge of carrying a pistol and also malicious threats against Bart SMITH of that neighborhood. He was bound over to circuit court.


Mr. John MONROE recently found a pearl in Cumberland River for which we understand he has refused a cash offer of thirty-five dollars.

The other day while hands were putting up a telephone line from Butlers Landing to Hilham, they were confronted by Rice COX, who with a loaded shotgun as argument, persuaded them to desist. We understood that COX has given permission to the company to post across his land, but afterward concluded that it would e worth fifty dollars to the company to do so, and he thought he ought to have the said fifty dollars. The company claimed the first contract and was on the point of winning the trick when the shot gun was called into play and George LAGFORD, the boss operator of the job says he "pulled em".

Miss Ada CULLOM starts to Missouri Sunday to enter school. Sighs and regrets will go with her in her departure, but should several suicides occur either in Jackson or Clay, she will be duly informed so she can cut her cards accordingly.


L.T. SMITH is treating his house to a new coat of paint which will improve its appearance considerably.

Chas. A. SUSSNER, merchant of Spurrier, was in town yesterday. He reports everything lovely in that section.

Geo. R. WRIGHT has purchased the old RANKIN property now occupied by T.C. SHERMAN, and will move into it shortly.

Will GARRETT has got out the lumber for a new house and will build his house on the BRIER property in the northeast part of town.

Mack WRIGHT was still very low at reports, but the symptoms were appearing for the better and great hopes are entertained for his recovery.


By virtue of an order of sale to me directed from the circuit court of Overton County, I will on Saturday, 30 Sept., 1899 at the courthouse door in Livingston expose to public sale to the highest bidder for cash the following described tract of land lying in Overton County: District 7 and bounded as follows: On the north by county line, south by DAVIS, east by DENNIS, and west by BILBREY. Beginning on a rock 70 yards east of J.M. BILLING’s barn and running in a south direction with J.M. CLARK’s corner, thence a westerly course with Mc. DAVIS line to a red oak, Mc. DAVIS & John SELLS corner, thence with a straight line in a north direction to a red elm corner, thence east a straight line to a rock corner on the bank of Ashburns creek, down the creek with its meanders to Gabrel DENNIS line to a sycamore corner, thence with said DENNIS line west to J.M. BILLINGS line to the beginning. Levied on as the land of J.Y. SPICER, subject to his homestead rights therein, to satisfy a judgement in favor of Arrie SMITH for $608.72 and interest and all cost against him. This August 21, 1899 J.O. COLLINS, Sheriff


Lou Dora CULLOM vs. Alfred CULLOM Bill for divorce in the Circuit Court of Overton County, Tenn.

In this course it appearing from an allegation in complainants bill which is sworn to that defendant is a non-resident of the State of Tenn., so that the ordinary process of law cannot be served upon him, it is ordered by the undersigned clerk of said court that publication be made in the Crescent a newspaper that is published in Livingston, Overton County, Tenn. for four consecutive weeks commanding said defendant to appear before the judge of our circuit court at its next term to be held the first Monday in October 1899. This Sept. 4, 1899 W.A. THOMAS Circuit Court Clerk

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