The Weekly Crescent May 20, 1899

The Weekly Crescent

Volume 1 Livingston, Tenn., Tuesday May 2, 1899, Number 33

Hall of Evening Star Chapter #136, R.A.M. Livingston, Tenn., April 20th

Whereas it has pleased Almighty God to remove from our Fraternal circle, our friend and companion, Jihn (I think this is a misprint and should be John) Hugh COONEY, which sad event occurred accidentally near his home at Spurrier, Pickett County, Tenn., on Monday March 6, 1899, when companion COONEY was drowned.

Companion COONEY was made a Royal Arch Mason in this chapter Feb. 24, 1898, having taken the symbolic degrees in Eagle Creek Lodge, No. 580, only a short time before and whereas Companion COONEY was a "Mason" in the true sense of the word, and one to whom the burdened heart could pour out its sorrows, whose hand was guided by Justice, whose heart was expanded by benevolence. Therefore, be it resolved 1st that Evening Star Chapter No. 136, deeply and sincerely sympathize with his relatives and friends, and particularly with his aged mother, faraway to the North in Canada. 2nd that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to his family, a copy entered on the minutes of this chapter and the "Crescent" and "Enterprise" each be furnished a copy for publication. This April 20th, 1899

Committee: J.H. REED, Moses MILLER, J.B. HICKS, John HART, Jr.


From Hilham

Apr. 27, 1899

Mrs. M.E. ELDRIDGE is very low and not expected to recover.

Mrs. Mary J. LANGFORD is also sick.

The wives of John and Will BROWN left last Monday for McMillan, I.T. (Indian Territory) where they expect to join their husbands.

P.D. STAGGS and wife came up from Nashville last week.

Sam THOMAS lost a good sow last Tuesday.

From Allons

Apr 27, 1899

J.A. PETERMAN went to Celina yesterday.

Mrs. Belle BROWN is still on the sick list.

Miss Nora DAVIS commenced a subscription school here last Monday for a term of two months.

Mrs. Sarah GUNNELS had the misfortune of getting 150 panels of fence destroyed by fire, which caught from a brush heap.


James LANSDEN, of Hilham, was in town Friday.

W.D. FISKE, of Hilham, was in town Monday.

Will ESTES went to Cookeville last week on business.

Eld. W.S. GUTHRIE preached at Monroe Saturday and Sunday.

Misses Willie HARRIS and Hallie WINDLE visited at Monroe Sunday.

Capt. C.E. MYERS visited at Hardy’s Chapel last Saturday and Sunday.

Richard HANKINS came up from Algood Saturday returning Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Moses MILLER attended Will SMITH’s burial last Thursday.

Bertie BICKNELL was in town Sunday on her way home from Cookeville.

Joe D. COE passed through town last Sunday on his way home from Sparta.

The little people had an afternoon party at Mrs. Laura DAUGHERTY’s last Saturday.

The young people had quite an enjoyable time at James LACY’s last Friday night.

Hon. W.T. MATTHEWS was here yesterday shaking hands with his many friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas HANKINS visited out in the country Saturday night and Sunday.

Hon. L. H. CARLOCK, Frank SMITH and Esq. ALLISON were over from Nettle Carrier Monday.

J.M. LOOPER, of France, gave our office a pleasant call Monday and had some work done.

Moses MILLER has had his dwelling newly painted, which improves its appearance wonderfully.

W.H. HUSSEY, Mrs. H.S. ESTES, and Will ESTES attended the burial of Mrs. BOHANNAN Sunday.

J.C. COPELAND was up from Hilham yesterday and gave the Crescent office a nice order for job work.

Will SMITH, of Nettle Carrier, died last Wednesday and was buried at the family graveyard Thursday.

Frank ROBERTS was in town Thursday night from Eagle Creek. He has improved in health considerably.

Ridley MITCHELL and Mrs. Hettie SPECK went to Nettle Carrier Thursday to attend the funeral services.

Mr. and Mrs. B.L. SPECK gave the young people an enjoyable social Saturday night in honor of J.R. MITCHELL.

Mrs. Willie MYERS and children have been visiting at Ed DRAPER’s in the Bethlehem neighborhood since Friday.

Mrs. Bettie CAPPS and sons, Doak and Paul have gone down to her fathers, Capt. J.S. ROBERTS, to spend a few weeks.

Dr. Dillard HATCHER, of Eagle Creek, spent Monday night here on his way to the Medical Association at Gainsboro.

Mr. SUSSNER, of Eastport, who recently bought out the GUNTER & COONEY stock of merchandise passed through town on his way home Sunday.

Dr. SHELTON, and son James of Monroe, are busily at work on a telephone line from their place to Oakley. The doctor is getting very much interested in telephone building.

J.R. MITCHELL left Sunday morning for Nashville, where he will resume his studies in the commercial school. Ridley is a clever, sociable young man and he will be greatly missed. We wish him unbound success.

J.M. MONTGOMERY, of Willett, and Sam MYERS of Cookeville, were here last week visiting the family of C.E. MYERS.

Mrs. Caroline BOHANNAN, mother of L.D. BOHANNAN, died Saturday evening very suddenly. She hurt herself and the pains seem to have made her so sick that it caused heart failure. She was buried at the ELDRIDGE graveyard Sunday evening.

Wayman RICHARDSON, who lived on Roaring River near Acy JOHNSON’s mill, shot and fatally wounded his wife on the night of April 30th. At last accounts his wife was not dead, but it is thought that she can not recover. She was the daughter of Jesse HOOTON. Jealousy is said to be the cause of the shooting.

There was a little cutting affray at Hilham Friday in which W.D. FISKE and Calvin Thompson were the principle actors. They disputed about a certain piece of land until their words go hot and heavy, whereupon FISKE cut THOMPSON in the side near the heart. The wound is not serious and we hope that THOMPSON will soon be up. Mr. FISKE waived examination before the Justices Court and gave $1000 bond for his appearance in the circuit court. We did not hear any of the eyewitnesses relate the circumstances and only give it as we heard it from other parties.




J.D. MILLER is sick with grip.

We had a nice singing at Brother Alfred GARRETT’s last night. There are good prospects for a wedding or two in our neighborhood.


Apr. 29, 1899

The farmers are busy planting their corn crops, but we have little faith in making a good yield this season on account of being so late planting.

Messrs Cooper & Co. of Johnston Stand moved away the boiler and engine that was at the oil well on Uncle Cal ELDRIDGE’s farm. We learn that the Burt Oil Co. sold same to Cooper & Co.

Elihu WELLS and his daughters sold a quantity of timber for a large price a few days ago to the W.V. Davidson lumber Co. of Nashville, Tenn.

We are glad to see Mr. Ras CULLOM back on Algood and Livingston hack and mail line again.

Gainsboro Sentinel

Miss Ida BURKS of Livingston is spending a few days here, the guest of the Misses DALE.

Thos. L. KIRBY, formerly of this place, but now of Carthage, was on our streets this week. He has sold out his photographic business at the last named place.

Elias GAW, one of the pioneers of Jackson County and an honored and esteemed citizen died at his home 2 ½ miles north of Gainsboro last Friday at 12 o’clock. He was 83 years of age and raised a family of thirteen children, among them Mrs. Emily GIBSON, of this place. His remains were interred at the family cemetery Saturday.

Miss Mattie BUTLER, who has been in Texas for some time, has returned to this place.

Cookeville Press

Mrs. A.B. WOMACK, who has been very low for some time, is worse this week.

T.D. FORD and W.L. FOWLER left Tuesday for a fishing trip on Cumberland River near Gainsboro.

Deputy Collector John OLIVER has purchased the property of H.I. SWARTHOUT, west side and will permanently locate in Cookeville.

The contractors have the framework of Lex COOPER’s new residence up and it is beginning to look like it was intended for a place to live in.

Within the last ten to fifteen days Mr. E.D. STALEY has lost over a hundred dollars worth of Berkshire hogs caused by a disease thought to be cholera.

Miss OWEN returned to her home in Franklin last Tuesday after a visit of several weeks to her sister of this place, Mrs. John B. DOW, who accompanied her home.

We are glad to report that Mr. R.H. LEE, who has been under treatment in the Fowlers Infirmary at Gainsboro for several weeks is greatly improved and will return home in a few days.

The new church at Algood is nearing completion and will be ready for services the third Sunday in May.


O.C. CONATSER & Elbert KIMES, Lawyers, Livingston, Tenn.

WALL & McDANIEL, Liverymen, Algood, Tenn., Run hack daily between Algood and Livingston, Leaves Livingston at half past one and arrives at Algood at six p.m., Ras CULLOM conductor

W.D. FISKE, Lawyer, Hilham, Tenn.

W. OFFICER & A.H. ROBERTS, Lawyers, Livingston, Tenn.


Overton County

T.J. FISHER, Chancellor of Chancery Court

W.T. SMITH, Judge, Circuit Court

L.D. BOHANNAN, Judge, County Court

J.O. COLLINS, Sheriff

W.R. OFFICER, Clerk and Master

W.A. THOMAS, Circuit Court Clerk

J.C. BILBREY, County Court Clerk

W.C. CRAWFORD, Trustee

E.G. DRAPER, Register

A.H. ROBERTS, Sup. Public Schools

Dr. M.B. CAPPS, County Physician

L.N. OAKLEY, Surveyor

C.C. CARR, Ranger

A.L. DALE, Coroner

Pickett County

J.M. FLOWERS, Sheriff

J.D. COE, Clerk and Master

James COOPER, Circuit Court Clerk

H.C. WINNINGHAM, County Court Clerk

Benjamin MOODY, Trustee

Dr. L. ZACHARY, Register

Clay County

J.A. PARKER, Sheriff

G.W. BARKSDALE, Clerk and Master

E.F. PLUMLEE, Circuit Court Clerk

John DONOLSON, County Court Clerk

J.C. CHOWNING, Trustee

W.B. DALE, Register

Transcribed by Tami Ramsey from Microfilm roll #101 Livingston Misc.


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