The Golden Age, Livingston, Tennessee March 19, 1919

The Golden Age, Livingston, Tennessee March 19, 1919

IN FRANCE February 7, 1919

Misses Ostie and Minnie TAYLOR, Livingston, Tn.

My Dear Aunts;

I will write you a few lines in answer to your kind letter which I received today. Was glad to hear from you and know you as well.

I am well and feeling fine. Sure am glad Cato is at home. I had a letter from "home" last night, the first I came across, was sure glad to hear from home. I have met some of my friends over here, was sorry to hear of Comer SELLS death.

I was paid off last night, I have all kinds of money now ha ha.

I don’t think I will be here but a few days, as I was down on the deck yesterday and saw my name on the sailing list. So don’t worry about me as I am fine and hope to see you soon.

Your Loving Nephew, Pvt. Alonzo C. TAYLOR



Mr. Alex L. SELLS, R.F.D. 2, Livingston, Tenn.

Dear Mr. SELLS;

Owing to circumstances which we had no control in consequence of the abnormal conditions due to the epidemic of influenza during the past few months, we are very sorry not to have been able to write you earlier regarding the death of your son, Pvt. Dillard C. SELLS. He was admitted into the Belmont Road Hospitol Liverpool, suffering from brocho pneumonia, and died there on October 27th, 1918 at 9:10 P.M. We can assure you that your son received the best possible treatment from the doctors and nurses, who preformed very heroic service at that trying time.

He was buried in the Everton cemetery, Liverpool, on November 4th. There were present at the funeral myself, as representing the Homs Communication Service of the American Red Cross, and two ladies, representing the local care committeeof the American Red Cross. A triumph wreath consisting of green eyus leaves, creram chrysanthemoms and maiden hair fern, together with a small stars and stripes flag was placed on the grave by one of the ladies. The funeral service was conducted by the Rev. J.F.X. Walsh (US Army Chaplain) of New Orleans, La. Your son was accorded full military honors.

The number of the grave is 218 section N. in the U.S. division of the cemetery.

We feel that it must be very hard indeed for you to have your son die so far away from home under such conditions, and we extend to you the sincerest sympathy of the American Red Cross in your sore bereavament. We trust you will find consulation in this thought that he has sacrafised his life for his country, and in the interests of the great cause for which we have been fighting---that of the Righteousness and Liberty and his sacrafice has not been in vain. Yours Respectfully Davis W. Roberts, Captain, American Red Cross Home Communication Service


Leslie CANTRELL, of this place died of influenza February 19, 1919

Charlie COOPER has bought the LEDFORD farm near here

J.N. CANNON is some better

Ab POSTON bought the ROBBINS farm near here and will occupy the same soon

Josh MOORE sold his grist mill to D. MAYNORD and Burr WEST, of Netherland

Lester DISHMAN, one of our boys from France, is home on furlough. He has been in France over two years.

Dr. Elmo SMITH and wife are here from Brush Creek to see her sister, Mrs. B.H. HUNT, who is quite sick. She is reported better today though.

Archie QUALLS was up from Windle Sunday to hear Evangalist Waters. We had lost track of Archie but he tells us he has bought an interest in Lakin CRAWFORD’s store at Windle and is now in charge

Rev. an Mrs. SANDERS have returned from visiting their homefolks at Dickson and Smithville

We heard of a new girl at the home of Will WINDLE after our paper was out last week. And at the same time we heard of a new boy in the home of Albert WINDLE in Texas.


The infant child of Floyd SMITH died Tuesday and was buried Wednesday at the Martin graveyard

Mr. and Mrs. C.B. MAYNORD are the proud parents of an eight pound girl.


The following people have died recently;

John CARR, an aged man

Jimmie DAVIS, son of Col. DAVIS

Both were buried at the Campground cemetery

Quite a number of people are on the sick list, Polly CARWILLE is the worst off.

At this present time Georgia HAWKINS and daughter are corpses and they are expecting another death tonight. Georgia and daughter will be buried at the Maxwell cemetery tomorrow

The following land deals have been made;

George SWAN and Benton BRADY have sold their farms to Tom LANGFORD

J.D. JOHNSON has sold his farm to Irvin ALLRED and bought James JOHNSON’d farm near Brown’s store.

James JOHNSON bought the Jay PHILLIPS farm on Roaring river

J.C. PENDERGRASS has gone home, his visit was appreciated. He lives in Arkansas.


On Thursday evening, February 27th, 1919, the angel of death visited the home of T. GILLENTINE and took from him his precious son Hascal, who had been confined to his bed but a few days. What he suffered is unknown but he bore it without a murmer. He was 13 years an 11 months old and leaves a father, four brothers, two sisters and a host of relatives and friends who will miss him sadly. Hascal was a bright eyed kind hearted boy and its hard to realize he’s not with us anymore, but God knows best. Lets build our hopes that he is happy with the angels. His remains were laid to rest at Monroe cemetery, funeral services were conducted by Rev. Thomas FERRILL in the presence of a large number of friends.