The Weekly Cresent

Transcribed by Tami Ramsey from Microfilm LIV #101


The Weekly Cresent

Livingston, Tennessee, Tuesday, September 20, 1898



Overton County Courts

FISHER, T.J. – Chancelor

SMITH, W.T. – Judge

BOHANNAN, L.D. – Judge


COLLINS, J.O. – Sheriff

OFFICER, W.R. – Chancery Court

THOMAS, W.A. – Circuit Court Clerk

BILBREY, J.C. – County Court Clerk

CRAWFORD, W.C. – Trustee

DRAPER, E.G. – Register

ROBERTS, A.H. – Supt. Public Schools

CAPPS, Dr. M.B. – County Physician

OAKLEY, L.N. – Surveyor

CARR, C.C. – Ranger

DALE, A.L. – Coroner

Finance Committee




County Commissioners





FLOWERS, J.M. – Sheriff

COE, J.D. – Chancery Court

COOPER, James – Circuit Court Clerk

WINNINGHAM, H.C. – County Court Clerk

MOODY, Benjamin – Trustee

ZACHARY, Dr. L.F. – Register


PARKER, J.A. – Sheriff

BARKSDALE, G.W. – Chancery Court

PLUMLEE, E.F. – Circuit Court Clerk

DONOLSON, John – County Court Clerk

CHOWNING, J.C. – Trustee

DALE, W.B. – Register


W.D. FISK, Lawyer, Hilham, Tenn.

W.R. OFFICER & A.H. ROBERTS, Lawyers, Livingston, Tenn.

R.H. HANKINS & M.H. HANKINS, Hankins Brothers Contractor & Builders, Livingston, Tenn.


From Hilham

Sept. 16 – Louis CHRISTIAN and Miss Mollie FLEMING were married on the 15th. Dr. LANGFORD officiating

Mrs. Mollie RICHARDSON, formerly Miss Mollie MITCHELL, died on the 15th at her home in Monroe County, Kentucky. She had been in poor health for quite a while.

Pleas BUCK and family, and a Mr. MORGAN, left for Texas last Tuesday.

E.D. WHITE, one of Livingstons rising young lawyers was here on business last week.

Quite a wind storm passed over this vicinity las evening but no serious damnage was done.

The traveling artist has been here this week.


John ESTES is the happy father of a fine girl.

J.P. MILLER is having a barn built on his farm near Livingston.

Wm. OFFICER was here last week giving the boys a few lessons in checker playing.

Beautiful weather for saving fodder and hay and the farmers are taking advantage of the good time.

J.P. BILYEN and J.W. SMITH held services last Sunday at the new house near I.L. McCORMACK’s shop.

J.W. HENSON will soon move into his new house. He will have a convenient as well as comfortable new abode.

Mr. Harve SPECK and wife returned Sunday from an extended stay in Texas. They were well pleased with their trip.

Hiram STEPHENS was in town late Friday evening after medicine for his father who received a severe cut by a mower a few days ago.

We learn that W.A. THOMAS, our recently elected Circuit Court Clerk, will move to town soon. We will welcome him and his estimable family in our midst.

It is commonly reported that Elbert KIMES went to the West Fork Sunday, and that a desire to see home folks was not the ostensible cause of his going.

The funeral of Cambell RAMSEY, and wife and Chambers RAMSEY will be preached at Falling Springs Church the first Sunday in October 1898, by W.S. GUTHRIE and Smith GRIDER.

Mr. O.W. LEE of the Cookville Press was in our town last week on returning from his trip to Kentucky.

H.S. ESTES is certainly making a model place out of his farm near town. He is a good farmer as well as a good banker.

Mrs. S.J. DECK gave the young people a social last week which was very much enjoyed by those that were present.

We had the pleasure of meeting our old friend Anderson GRIMSLEY last week. He was formerly a citizen of this county but is now a corn-cracker.

Mrs. Nellie COOPER, wife of Frank COOPER is living with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. BARNES now, and Frank is on the road for a Nashville Dry Goods Company.

Hankins Brothers have about finished J.W. HENSON’s dwelling. They will go to J.M. COPELAND’s next to finish his house on which work was suspended for want of material.

Mr. SMITH with the Continental Fire Insurance Co., was up from Cookville yesterday to pay off the policy on Irwin HENSON’s house that was burned some time since.

Granville VAUGHN has bought the Dave WALKER farm in the Copeland Cove.

Dr. G.E. SPECK reports a fine girl at Burr VAUGHN’s on the West Fork. Which is the prouder Dr. SPECK or the father?

Mrs. Vera VAUGHN returned from a several days visit to her father’s on Eagle Creek yesterday, with her baby boy very sick.

Robert BILBREY has bought an interest in a saw and grist mill that is located near Gainsboro and will remove it to his place at once.

I.L. McCORMACK entertained the preachers and about thirty others Sunday. Judge GOODPASTURE was one of the numbers that reports an excellent dinner.

S.J. DECK, wife, daughter, Walter MITCHELL, W.C. DECK, Miss Maggie CHAPIN, and others attended preaching at the new school house on Sunday.

Frank COOPER has accepted a position as a traveling salesman with Harris, McWhirter & Co. of Nashville. He is with a good house and we hope to see Frank do well.

Albert FRANCE’s wife nee-Miss Hannah HEARTSOE, died Saturday and was buried at Liberty in the Deck Cove Sunday. She left twin boys only three days old and a husband to mourn her departure with a host of friends and relatives, to whom we tender condolence.


J.D. COLLINS is in from Texas

Steve BILBREY is here this week.

James CARMACK was in Monday.

A.W. NORROD was here Monday.

Alvin VAUGHN was here Saturday.

W.S. GUTHRIE was here Saturday.

Arthur VAUGHN was here Saturday.

Wm. KENDALL was in town Monday.

James TEMPLETON was in town Monday.

Hon. H.L. CARLOCK was here Saturday.

George MATTHEWS was in town Monday.

Alexander McCORMACK was in town Monday.

Trustee W.C. CRAWFORD was here Monday.

Dillard HATCHER was in town yesterday.

W.H. HUSSEY was here yesterday on business.

A.J. BILYEU called at the Cresent Office Monday.

Gas KEISLING was down from the cove Saturday.

Ed DRAPER, our efficient register is here this week.

Prof. J.G.H. WINDLE called at the Cresent this week.

Sam VAUGHN, a young attorney of Byrdstown was here this week.

Thomas HANKINS and wife visited their Aunt Addie CHRISTIAN Sunday.

Cul BOSWELL passed through town Monday on his way to Eagle Creek.

J.A. OAKLEY, a former businessman of Livingston, was in town Monday.

David CARR, one of our district constables was here Monday on business.

John COOK, an old citizen of the third district was in town Saturday and Sunday.

Porter WINNINGHAM, a mill-man of Pickett County was here Saturday on business.

Fait CAPPS of Texas, but formerly of Byrdstown, has been here several days visiting.

Joe CHILTON, a hustling young man of Byrdstown was in our town on Monday on business.

Chas. and Jas. McCART, two Knoxville drummers were here Friday talking business to the merchants.


A dime museum is the latest enterprise on Possum Creek. John MANIS is collecting the curious freaks of nature that loaf around saw mills and village stores whittling for a living, and will exhibit them at once. The venture will be a success.

The ash hopper and pig sty recently put up in front of John JONES residence adds greatly to the appearance of his property as well as the town of Possum Creek.



Mr. W.F. HOOVER has a butter-weed grown on his farm since July, 14 feet and 3 inches high.

There is a woman in this neighborhood a hundred years old, the mother of Tom and Jerd GARRETT.

A.R. HOGUE is making some addition to his house.

S.Q. HUNTER has a very sick little girl.

Oak Hill

Mrs. Belle CANNON, wife of Ed CANNON died today and will be buried in the graveyard at Paran Church. We mourn the loss of a good woman.

Phillip RAY, G.W. CRAWFORD and others of Smith County are visiting Calvin ELDRIDGE’s.

Dr. C.M. ELDRIDGE is making sorghum this week at his farm.

Jim KENNEDY has rented Dr. REECE’s POSTON place for next year and will move there soon.

Joe WALKER’s farm trade on Obeys River fell through, so I heard.

E.M. HAMMOCK and Miss Laura COPELAND were married last Thursday evening and will go to housekeeping soon.


The infant child of Jo TURNEY has been quite ill, and although somewhat improved at this time, is still very unwell.

H.J. STAGGS, who is more familiarly known as "Uncle Jim" has moved from his farm on Obey River back to his place at Hilham.

Pleas BUCK has sold his farm to M. STAGGS and will go west at an early date. Mr. BUCK is a good citizen and we wish him luck where ever he may cast his lot.

E.M. BROWN has also sold his farm to R.J. ROGERS and he too will go west.

W.C. DAVIDSON is Assistant Postmaster

Mrs. Roxie POSTON has been very sick.

Dr. T.A. LANGFORD made a flying trip to Livingston last week.

Dr. R.L. RICHARDSON and wife visited friends at Butlers Landing not long since.

Lon PHARRIS of Gainsboro was here a short time back.

Mrs. Alta STAGGS and daughter, Miss Willie, have gone to Nashville where they will reside in the future.

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