Livingston, TN September 27, 1898


The Weekly Crescent
Livingston, TN September 27, 1898

Cookeville Citizen

Mr. E. CHASTAIN is at home on a visit to his family.
Webb CULLOM, of Celina, was in our town Thursday.
E. CHASTAIN, wife and little son are visiting friends in the 9th district.
Wheeler HARP and wife visited relatives in Overton County Tuesday.
C.A. DOUGLASS has sold his stock of goods at Algood to Rickman, Epperson & Co.
Porter WINDLE, of Butlers Landing, spent Monday night in Cookeville, en route to Nashville.
Doc. MITCHELL, of Celina, passed through Cookeville this morning on his way to Nashville.
Walter QUIN, one of the rough riders under the second call, was mustered out of service, and came home last Saturday. He has been stationed in Tampa, Florida.
Hon. W.J. MATTHEWS, of Overton county was here Tuesday. Mr. MATTHEWS represented Overton, Clay, Pickett and Fentress in the last general assembly and was justly renominated by acclamation. He made a good representative.
The little son of Thomas KIRBY had a narrow escape last Friday. They were digging a well on the L.B. ALLISON place, on West side, and the little one accidentally fell in headfirst, his shoulder striking a rock, breaking the collar bone. The little fellow was drawn out and remained unconscious till the next morning. He is getting along well now.

Our fellow citizen, W.C. MURPHEY, Hilham, has shown his progressiveness by securing the agency of Putnam Fadelass Dyes. This dye not only colors more goods than any other but each package will color any and all kinds of clothes. Price .10

From a Pickett County Soldier Boy
Anniston, Alabama
September 17, 1898
Special to the Crescent
On September 8, 1898 about 9 p.m. the 4th KY Vol. Inf. received orders to proceed at once to Anniston, Alabama. But on account of delay in transportation we did not get started until the 15th, and after a pleasant journey of 25 hours we found ourselves at Anniston, arriving there at about 8:30 p.m. on the 16th. We were then switched off on the track leading to the camp, and proceeded in that direction and on account of our late arrival at that place we remained in the cars until the next morning. And at the sound of the bugle we assembled on the road alongside the cars and then took up our march of about one half mile to our camp. We are situated on the side of a hill about 1 ½ miles from the town of Anniston, which is a very beautiful town of about 10,000 inhabitants. And what we have been wishing for some time is furnished us, water and fresh air. Notwithstanding the fact that this is a hot climate, it is certainly a healthy one. And I think there is not a man in our Regiment that is dissatisfied with Alabama. A few may be dissatisfied with Army life, but as for my part, there is nothing suits me better than hard tacks and bacon, and it is almost a sure thing that we will get plenty of them for the next two years, as we are sure to be retained in the service, and will in about two months be sent to Cuba for garrison duty. My wish for those I have left behind is, that they may enjoy life and remember us when on Cuban soil and I will make them one promise; that if I am shot my wound will not be in the back.
Co. I 4th KY USV

Mrs. H.S. ESTES and son Herman, are sick, thought to have scarlet fever.
Tom CARLOCK is kept very busy just now, surveying tracts of land and mapping out same.
John HARGROVE, a progressive merchant of Oakley, passed through town Sunday returning from Nashville.
A.H. ROBERTS visited more schools last week. He attended the Teachers meeting up at Three Forks Saturday.
R.L. MITCHELL, Jr., Dr. M.B. CAPPS and Rev. J.W. HATCHER were down at Paran Sunday to attend a baptizing.
We are informed that Permelia TURNER, who is staying at Joe May COPELAND's, is very low and expected to die at any time.
Stanton BEASLEY beats the record in fodder pulling; he says himself and his four oldest boys pulled 4500 binds of fodder in six days.
Miss Cora COULSON, accompanied by her cousin Miss Bessie BLEVINS, returned from Kentucky last Wednesday. We are glad to see Miss Cora back and at the case, for this takes a burden off of the editors hand that is not all covetous.
Richard SELLS, constable of the 11th district, brought Will McDONALD down to jail last Thursday. McDONALD is charged with insanity and has been giving the people in his neighborhood no small amount of trouble. When they arrived in town with him he was very mad, cursing every breath, claiming he had more sense than any of them.
James HENSON moved to his new dwelling last Saturday. He has a nice cozy home.
Eld. R.M. CARSON called at the Crescent Office and ordered the paper sent to his father.
C.E. HENSON is preparing to build a new dwelling where the old one burned down some time ago.
Texas FRANKLIN, the oldest huckster in the state was here Monday, trading some with the merchants.
G.E. DAUGHERTY went down to Cookeville today and will remain until after the fair at that place.
Millard HANKINS and mother are visiting in Trousdale county this week. They will be gone several days.
Brant EUBANKS and family will move Friday to their new property recently purchased of the widow Roberts near town.
John DONALDSON and Hugh KYLE, of Celina, were in this county buying hogs this week. They drove away several.
Stephen VAUGHN, who recently bought the grist mill and a part of Arter VAUGHN's farm, moved up here Saturday.
We noticed Squire J.B. ALLISON in town last Saturday. He has been very sick for quite a while and has been closely confined at home.
T.E. GOFF went to Algood and Cookeville Saturday on business. He reports that a great many from Cookeville will be up for the fair next week.
Eld. R.M. CARSON and others are holding a series of meetings at Three Forks Church this week.
Mrs. ROBERTS, widow of the late Farley ROBERTS, and family started for Texas today. We hate to see them leaving Tennessee, but we hope to hear of them doing well.
Dr. J.M. SHELTON, of Monroe was in town Sunday. He was returning from Highland where he had gone after his son who had been teaching school at that place.
Albert DAUGHERTY, of New Mexico, who had the misfortune to lose his loving wife a few days ago, accompanied by Miss Ada NEATHERLY of St. Louis, and Mr. and Mrs. CHAPIN, and Miss DAUGHERTY of Cookeville are visiting relatives here this week.
The little child of Oscar ARMS, near mouth of Sulphur, died Sunday evening. That night the wife and mother took suddenly with a chill and died about 10 o'clock the same night. We sympathize with the bereaved husband.

John LEA was in town Saturday
W.C. CRAWFORD was here Saturday on official business.
Sim BROWN came to town Saturday from the 11th.
Squire Felix WISENER, of Monroe, was here yesterday.
P.M. ALLRED was in town on official business Friday.
Robert RILEY was here the last of the week visiting relatives.
John COPELAND, a constable from the 10th was here Monday.
Dr. FOWLER, of Gainsboro, was here Sunday on a brief visit.
Bob OGLETREE went down to Butlers Landing visiting last Saturday.
Allison STOCKTON and wife were visiting at J.O. COLLINS Monday.
J.K.P. DAVIS, of Fox Springs, was here Friday and called on us.
R.H. HANKINS went to Algood last Saturday and is gone again today.
Mich WINTON and son Foster, of Nettle Carrier, were in town Monday.
W.H. HUSSEY was in Jackson County last week on legal business.
Dave WALKER was in town last week. He will return to Texas soon.
Tom JOHNSON, a prosperous farmer of the 9th district was here Friday.
Jacob WRIGHT, from above Monroe, was here Saturday looking after business.
J.C. BILBREY and Chas. ALMONROAD went down near Hilham to a saw mill on business yesterday.

HILHAM-Sept 25, 1898
Marion HARRIS preached at the Christian Church today.
W.H. FLEMING preached at Jesse MARTIN's on Obeds River today.
Dr. S.B. FOWLER, of Gainsboro passed through town on his way to Pickett County last week.
P.D. STAGGS and B.D. HEROD were on the sick list last week.
Jeff BROWN is reported to be very low with consumption.
W.D. FISKE went to Tompkinsville KY last Monday and returned on Friday.
Mrs. Lydia GOODPASTURE visited at S.S. THOMAS on the 20th.
John COPELAND was badly kicked by a horse last Wednesday, but is improving.
Mrs. Ann MAXWELL, who recently returned from the Asylum at Nashville, died last Monday and was buried the following day.
Asbury LOFTIS and A Mr. ALLEN of Jackson Co., were here on the 24th.
Mrs. Martin LEA, who lived four miles west of this place, died on the morning of the 24th and was buried today at the Old Union burying grounds. Mrs. LEA was a useful woman and will be greatly missed.

ALLONS-Sept 21, 1898
Dr. DAVIS is having some additions made to his house.
J.F. GARRETT was struck with a log skid on the temple and was thought to be seriously hurt, but soon recovered and is out again.
Mr. T.W. MURPHY and wife are visiting at Highland this week.
There is an apple tree on the widow GUNNELS place that is something like 60 feet from the point of one branch to the other. The tree is said to be 75 years old.
The wife og W.L. MAINORD was hit by a copperhead snake last week but will probably get over it.
Millard BARKER and Ferd came in from Indiana Sunday. They are fine looking gentlemen.
Baty LEDBETTER had a fine girl born to him Sept 25, 1898.

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