The Livingston News

The Livingston News

Transcribed by Tami Ramsey from Microfilm LIV #101


Livingston, Tennessee, Thursday January 22, 1891


Rev. J.R. GOODPASTURE is building a nice study at his home

Miss Sallie HAYTER of Dallas, Texas wins the prize on the "Model Young Man." It was a sharp contest

Mrs. Hardy COPELAND and Miss Maggie LANSDEN gave our office a short but pleasant call recently

Mr. J.C. FRENCH and wife have been visiting their daughter Mrs. Burr CULLOM at the CULLOM house this week

Mr. Jan T. McMILLIN of Tompkinsville, Kentucky, nephew of John F. HANCOCK, has been in Overton and Pickett counties visiting relatives lately.

We notice in the American an account of the death of Miss Lizzie McHENRY, daughter of (paper torn)

The horse disease has not prevailed in this county so severely as it has in Putnam and White, but fears are entertained lest it should yet spread among us.

L.D. BOHANNAN has been appointed agent for the Livingston News. He is ready to take subscriptions at any time and any where. If you can not see us, see him.

Mrs. S.C. M. BOHANNAN who has been on a several weeks visit to her daughter, Mrs. Belle PARRIGIN, at the old homestead, has returned home to Mr. L.D. BOHANNANS.

We were pleasantly surprised by the happy faces of Misses May ESTES and Josie MURDOCK at our office Monday. We were glad to have our minds occasionally diverted from the routine business of the office by such visits.

Our circuit court clerk, W.H. HUSSEY, attended circuit court at Cookville the first of the week. He recognizes the fact that "a public office is public trust" and therefore is not afraid to spend a little time and money in the acquisition of official knowledge for the public good.

Andy and Dillard GOODPASTURE, the former from Illinois and the latter from Missouri are in Livingston visiting relatives. They are nephews of Judge W.W. GOODPASTURE, Mr. Andy being the son of William and Mr. Dillard a son of Rev. Abram GOODPASTURE, both of whom were raised in Overton. They are prepossessing gentlemen and express themselves as being well pleased with major features of our county.


Mrs. Jas. PEEK fell and broke or fractured her ankles a few days since.

Thomas POTEET and Alex BARNES each had a horse to die recently.

Allison STOCKTON has moved in the house with Mr. Wm. CANNON, his wifes step-father.

Walton DRAPER who has been attending school at Overton Academy for some time came home on Saturday.


James STEWART, Barber and Hairdresser, N.E. corner Public Square, Livingston, Tenn.

Thomas H. GUNNELS, Blacksmith, Hilham, Tenn.

  1. WIRT, Barber and hairdresser, N.E. Corner Public Square, Cookeville, Tenn.

L.P. GILLEM, L.D. PERKINS, W.B. STEWART, Grocers, West side public square, Livingston, Tenn.

A.A. REAGAN, Dealer in General Merchandise, Cookville, Tenn.

J.Z. BARNES General Merchandise

W.P. CHAPINS, General Merchandise, Cookville, Tenn.

BROWN & MURPHY, General Merchandise, Hilham, Tenn.

WHITLEY & MATLOCK, Livery & Stable, Cookville, Tenn.

F.H. POWELL, proprietor of Eureka Plaining Mill, Cookville, Tenn.

L.W. CHAPIN, Manufacturer of Leather, Harness, Saddles, Bridles, Boots & Shoes, Livingston, TN

Moses MILLER, General Merchant, N.E. corner of square (doesn’t state which town)

J.R. GOODPASTURE & T.W. CARLOCK, Insurance Agents for Equitable Fire Insurance Company

MITCHELL & Son, Hilham, Tenn.


County Court

J.A. TURNER, Judge

R.L. MITCHELL, Jr., Clerk

Chancery Court

John A. FITE, Judge

  1. ALGOOD, Attorney General
  2. W.H. HUSSEY, Clerk

County Officers

J.O. COLLINS, Sheriff

Hardy COPELAND, Trustee

J.K.P. STEWART, Tax Assessor

F.H. DAUGHERTY, Register

T.W. CARLOCK, Surveyor

Jasper SETSER, County Superintendent

J. ELDRIDGE, Coroner

Overton County may well be pleased with many of her officials. Our County Judge is a gentleman of fine ability a stalwart firmness, plain and unpretentious. Judge TURNER is a painstaking and careful official who seems to be deeply impressed with the idea that a public office is a public trust. Our circuit court clerk, Mr. W.H. HUSSEY is a gentleman of strong individuality. He has a clear head, undoubted courage, moral and physical. He has opinions of his own and is not afraid to utter and stand by them. He is as pronounced in his devotion to the cause of religion of he is earnest in the discharge of his official duties. The county court clerk, Mr. R.L. MITCHEL, Jr., is an elegant gentleman, affable, and accommodating. Withal he is a very careful and safe officer. His attention is given strictly to his office. We doubt if the county could well get a safer man for the place he holds.

Mr. Elisha CHASTAIN our Clerk & Master is we may say just starting upon the duties of his office. Those familiar with the duties of this position know that a citizen who has never given any special attention to legal matters, would necessarily require a while to get his hand in. We think Mr. CHASTAIN is determined that the responsibilities upon him, especially in a financial point of view shall be met with safety to the public. He holds the most responsible and difficult office in the county.

Rev. Hardy COPELAND, our Trustee is a young man of great popularity and sterling worth. He is in the strict sense of the word a self made man. No more scrupulous and careful officer has handled the counties revenue in many a day, and we predict without hesitation that when final pay day comes Hardy COPELAND will be square with the county and have his salary left.

Col. F.H. DAUGHERTY our Register is too long and well known here to need much introduction at our hands. We doubt if the county has had a better Register for many a year.

Our Sheriff, Mr. J.O. COLLINS is a man of such ability and energy in the discharge of his duties as is not always found at the command of a court. With good fortune and strict devotion to business he will make his mark some day.

GONE, by Cleo of Livingston, Tenn.

Gone from the dear old homestead,

To cross o’ver its threshold no more,

Gone where the angels are waiting,

Across on the other shore,

Gone from the fireside a mother,

You will miss her voice to-day,

Singing the wee ones to slumber,

For she sings in the far-away,

Gone from the dear little home-nest,

A young and beautiful bride,

Gone with the silent boatmen,

Over the Death Rivers tide,

Replace the orange blossoms,

With roses pure and white,

Kiss the cold lips of your Darling,

They are strangely silent to-night.

Gone from the cradle the baby,

The beautiful Darling so fair,

Gone from the arms of its Mother,

Gone up the Golden Stair,

A smile on the waxen features,

A look of peaceful rest,

Flowers in the dainty hands folded,

Over the pulseless breast.

Gone from the farm and the office,

Gone from the workshop and store,

Gone from the pleasant home circle,

Gone to return never more,

Choke down the great sobs of sorrow,

Check the wild words of despair,

They are gone – gone from you forever,

But you will meet them "Over there"

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