WAR of 1812

WAR of 1812

According to the Tenessee State Library and Archives , 5 companies of soldiers served form Overton County. They were: Captains John Kennedy, Abel Willis, James Turney, James McConnell, Wiley Huddelston. The names are extremely difficult to read. You may want to order you own copy to double check the names and spellings.

Third? Regiment Tennessee Militia, Capt Wiley Huddelston’s Company.

Raised from men for what is today Overton, Pickett and Fentress County TN.

In Service form 13 Nov 1814 to 13 May 1815. I acquired two different rolls from the TN state Archives. There was a little different information on each. One copy of the microfilm seemed to be a correction to the other. Each copy of the microfilm had some different information on it. One copy was extremely difficult to impossible to read.

Transcription typed and formatted by Harold Keisling.


Wiley Huddelston Capt

Joel Parifs (Parris) 1st LT

Henry Gore 2nd LT

Fillip (Seveir?) (Severs?) (Weaver?) 3rd LT died 19 Dec 1814

John S. Williams Ensign


John Huddelston 1st Sgt

Joel Brock 2nd Sgt

Stephen Townsend 3rd Sgt died 5 May 1815

John Ramsey 4th Sgt

Morgan Parris? 5th Sgt


Gorge Owin 1st Corp

Benjamin Pottett 2nd Corp

William Gunnels 3rd Corp

Thomas Garrott? 4th Corpdied 5 May? 1815

Corneilus Douherty? 5th Corp


William Ashlock

Archibald Arney

James Brock

William Carlan or Carter

Abraham Carlock

Cannady Cooper

Larkin Cox

James Dale

Frederick Deck

Henry Dillion

Joseph England

Enoch Fox

John Flatt

Nicholas Gunnels

James Gunnels

Andrew Highsaw

Isaac Harris

Isaac Hicks

Andrew Harris

Benjimin Harrison

Jeremiah Hinds or Harris on one list not on the other list

Daniel (Irowin?) (Irons?)

Jifesee? (Jessee) Jones

John Kerr

Andrew or Abraham Kerr died 5 Jan 1815

Meril? (Uril?) Little died 14Feb 1815

Joseph Lee

Thomas Lambert

Samuel Loveil? (Lowel?)

Henry Maie? (Man) (Moss)

William Marshal

James Milk?( Meek?) (Meeks) died 10 Feb 1815

Simpson Maxwell

George Oliver

Samuel Patterson

Robert Right died 29 Jan 1815

John Rolls

John Rich

Timothy Roark? Rosek

William Stout

Charles Smith

John Savage

Kindell Savage

Askilis Stephens

Jefesee (Jessee) Sunas? (Subge?)

Joseph Townsend died 17 Jan 1815

Stephen Upton

Benjamin Watkins

Henry Willis died 17 Jan 1815

Samuel Weever (Weaver)

John Westmoreland Sr.

John Westmoreland Jr.

Charles Williams

Joseph Williams

John Young



First Regiment of Col Edward Bradley’s Tennessee Volunteer Militia, Infantary

Capt. John Kennedy’s Company. In service from 4 Oct 1813 to 28 Dec 1813

(Raised at Monroe TN)


John Kennedy Capt

James Harrison 1st Lt

Eki Burden 2nd Lt

David Matlock Ensign


William H. Hugfhlett, First Sgt

Julias C. N. Robinson, 2nd Sgt

Richard Brown,3rd Sgt

Hugh C. Armstrong 4th Sgt


Hugh F. Armstrong 1st Corpal

John Woodall, 2nd Corpal

William Robertson 3rd Corpal

Adam Reid 4th Corpal


PRIVATES IN Alphabetical Order

Arnentt, Andrew

Bates, Joseph

Beaty, William

Beaty, William Sr

Belyou, Isaac

Belyou, John

Belyou, William

Bennefield, Robert

Brewer, Merdith

Bristow, Elijah

Brown, John S.

Cannon, David

Carlock, Isaac

Carlock, Reuben

Carpenter, James

Carpenter, Lewis

Cherry, Benjamin

Coffee, Pleasant

Coker, Geroge

Cooper, Jacob

Cooper, John

Copeland, John

Crawford, James

Crocker, Charles

Crockett, William

Daniels, Paul

Davis, Henry

Davis, Jacob

Dockerty, Corneilus

Evans, John

Evins, Nathan

Evins, Patrick

Fanseher, David

Fauscher, Wesley

Ford, William

Gouney, John

Greer, James

Greer, William

Gutherie, Anslem

Harmon, George

Harris, Andrew

Harris, Jeremiah

Hern, George

Hogan, Edwin

Hunt, William

Johnson, Jonathan

Leaton, James

Ledbetter, John

Manor, Levi

Matlock, Vaventine

McConnel, James

Raybourn, James

Rich, William

Richardson, Abel

Shell, Isaac

Silvoge, Preston

Smith, John

Smith, John Sr.

Smith, Ruben

Taylor, William

Tiptin, Jacob

Townsend, Joseph

Townsend, Nathaniel

Walker, Buckley

West, John

Williams, James

Williams, Jonathan

Williams, Thomas

Witt, Joshua

**Additional note: I was reading the list of men who served in the War of 1812 from Overton County, TN. In Capt. John Kennedy's unit there was at least one other man who served as a private. He was a carpenter from Monroe, John C. Turnley. After his service in the War of 1812, he returned to his parents home in Jefferson County, TN and remained there. He had many relatives who remained in Overton County. The Turnley family biography gives a report of this service. A copy of the biography written in 1905 is on a CD at the Overton County archives. "The Turnley's, ..." was writen by his son, P. T. Turnley, and puplished in 1905 with a supplement in 1908.John C. Turnley was a first cousin of Mary "Polly" Graham Sehorn Walker who operated the Standing Stone Inn on the Walton Road.      Submitted by: Leota Bennett

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