This Bible was known to be in the possession of Wiley W. Webb (son of James C. and Clarissa Curtis Webb) until his death in Missouri. It is now in Arizona ( 1975) with his descendants .... of the ROTHANBARGER line. Most of this was written by an aged person with notes added later in parenthesis.

Ben Webb, father of James C. (Crittendon) Webb was born in North Carolina in 1769 (13 Sept 1760) and died in 1827 in Overton Co, Tn).
John Webb died in 1863 in Tennessee (Cumberland Co, TN) with fever.
Thomas Webb died in 1875 with a fever (born 20 June 1798 and died 14 Aug 1875 in Putnam Co, Tn).
Elijah Webb died in 1857 in Missouri with fever (died same day as wife, Martha Jane Johnson, both with typhoid, buried in Harmony Grove Cemetery, Jasper Co, Mo. Tombstone says 20 Oct 1859).
James C. Webb died in 1875 in Missouri with rabies.
Their sister, Elizabeth Johnson died in Tennessee with a fever (wife of Hubbard Johnson) died 8 March 1874 and is buried in Green Cemetery in Overton Co, TN).

(The above were brothers and all sons of the above mentioned Benjamin James Webb, Wilkes Co, NC and his wife, Jane Coffey).

Thomas Curtis died in 1860, age 83 years 9 months in North Carolina (father of Clarissa Melinda Elizabeth Curtis).
Holland Curtis died April 1873 age 70 in Tennessee (buried in Paran Cemetery, Overton Co, son of Thomas Curtis and Jane Smith Curtis).
Noah Curtis died 1874, age 65, in Missouri (brother of Clarissa).
Jane Mast died in 1897 in Tennessee (daughter of Thomas Curtis).
Rachel Pennel? Died in 1899, age 77 years, in North Carolina.
2 more, Susie (often listed as Susanna) and Nancy (Nancy Harmon Curtis), all dead and Malissa Johnson in Tennessee.
Daniel C. Johnson died 1892, age 72, in Tennessee (buried in Green Cemetery, Overton Co, son of Hubbard and Elizabeth Webb Johnson).
Jack Horton died in 1884 in North Carolina (a cousin).


Wiley W. Webb was born January 8th 1828 in Overton Co, Tn (son of James C. and Clarissa Curtis Webb).
Permelia Hardy, his wife, was born Sept the 12th 183?, the above couple was united in wedlock Sept 30th 1851.


Sarah Webb was born April 11th 1855
Clarissa E. Webb was born December 15th 1857
James L Webb was born Sept 20th 1861
Louisa M. Webb was born Feb the 23rd 1866
Permelia Alice Webb was born Oct 23rd 1868
Margaret Jane Webb was born August 22nd 1870


Permelia Webb (wife of Wiley) died July 16th 1902 (Harmony Grove Cemetery, Jasper Co, Missouri).
Margaret Jane Webb died Sept 23rd 1871

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