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Walker Cemetery Page

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Walker Cemetery Listing--Houston County, TN

Directions:  From the intersection of Hwy. 13 and Hwy. 49 go 2.85 miles and turn right on Old Hwy. 49.  Go 1.3 miles and turn right on Wolf Pit Rd.  Go 1.3 miles (this road ends) and turn right on Bateman Branch Rd.  Go .4 miles and turn left on Walker Cemetery Lane.   This takes you into the cemetery. 

Recorded and Transcribed by Stan Magnesen and Vanessa Slea on 9/16/1999.  Verified 6/30/2000.  Please note that two of the stones that we saw on our first visit (markers # 006 and 007) were no longer there as of 6/30/2000.  There is a hole in the ground in the general area where the fieldstones were.  Whoever removed the fieldstones must not have known there was writing on them.

Note: There are fieldstones and other markers without writing on them and possibly some unmarked graves in this cemetery.

Note: See conditions for use at end of listing.

Below is a list of names in this cemetery in alphabetic order.  Use the marker # from the list of names to look the person up in the numeric listing which follows.

B. ?. O. 007
B. B. L. 006
BENNETT Callie 004
BENNETT Jeff 004
BENNETT Mary 005
BREEDEN Anna 014
BREEDEN Orve 008
BREEDEN William Henry 009
FENTRES Apsalom 001
HARRISON Ralph Sylvester, Sr. 002
LOMAX Emma Vera Seals 010
LOMAX Molisie 012
LOMAX Opal Lee 011
LOMAX Thern E. 003
LOMAX Thomas 012
WALKER Black John 015
WALKER Mary 013
WALKER Willie 016

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Walker Cemetery--numeric listing

(Note:  When you see the code HCCD in the listing below, that is an abbreviation for the book titled Houston County Cemetery Directory 1810-1988, published by the Houston County Historical Society.  We carefully reviewed any differences between the older listing of this cemetery and our listing to give you the most accurate information possible.)


001 FENTRES Apsalom 11/24/1784 9/2/1841  
Other Info: This is a covered grave; the structure is about 5 feet tall.  (The 4's in the dates are written backwards.)
002 HARRISON Ralph Sylvester, Sr. 10/17/1910 7/18/1995  
Epitaph: Beyond the sunset               Footstone: Father
Funeral Marker: Nave Funeral Home
003 LOMAX Thern E. 5/11/1899 1/20/1988  
Footstone: Uncle       Funeral Marker: Nave Funeral Home
Between these two stones is a tree stump with a flower arrangement on it.  We do not know if this is a grave or not.
004 BENNETT Callie 1851 1923  
Jeff 1856 1915  
Epitaph: At Rest       Callie's Footstone: Mother      Jeff's Footstone: Father
005 BENNETT Mary 6/14/1847 12/14/1914  
Epitaph: Waiting for you               Other Info: Wife of Henry Bennett
(The older listing of this cemetery in HCCD had her birth date as 6/18/1847, but the stone there now says 6/14/1847.)
006 B. B. L. none none  
Other Info: This is a rock with writing scratched on it.
007 B. ?. O. none none  
Other Info: This is a rock with writing scratched on it.   The first "letter" could just be stray scratches in the rock or it could be an L or E or F or B.  This was nearly impossible to read.  If it is a letter, it is not nearly as deep as the other letters.
008 BREEDEN Orve 3/1/1874 8/7/1943  
Epitaph: He was the sunshine of our home.             Other Info: Father
009 BREEDEN William Henry 1896 1954  
010 LOMAX Emma Vera Seals 10/16/1905 4/22/1944  
Footstone: Mom
011 LOMAX Opal Lee 1928 1929  
Footstone: Angel
012 LOMAX Thomas 1869 1914  
Molisie 1873 1933  
Footstone for Thomas: Father        Footstone for Molisie: Mother
013 WALKER Mary 1878 1943  
014 BREEDEN Anna 1870 1942  
015 WALKER Black John 1865 1945  
016 WALKER Willie 1885 1961  


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CONDITIONS FOR USE:  This work was done as a tribute to our ancestors and as a gesture to bring families closer together, therefore it is for personal use only.  It is not to be used as part of any web site or publication that requires payment to access or obtain, unless you have specific written permission from us.   Use on non-pay web sites requires specific written permission from us also.     This notice must appear wherever the listing does.  You may contact us by email at

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