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Obituary for Mrs. Susan MILLER

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Following is a transcription of the above person's (TN) obituary from The Union of Gallatin, TN, dated Friday, April 12, 1839:

     DIED, in Sumner County, on Friday, March 29th, Mrs. Susan Miller, late consort of Mr. John B. Miller.  Aged 76.
     This excellent lady lived with her husband the rare time of 56 years; fifty four of which she was a truly pious member of the Methodist Church.  It was under the labors of the first preaches of that order in Virginia that her mind became enlightened and her heart affected upon the subject of religion.  She earnestly sought and found "the pearl of great price," which gave her all those elementary principles of religious experience which matured themselves in her after life, by which she became a burning and shining light--a pillar in the house of God--a mother in Israel.   The degree of her christian experience was of an exalted character.  She held constant communication with God, always walking in the light of his countenance, with unshaken confidence.  Doubts and fears and gloomy apprehensions formed no part of her frame of mind.  The pleasant tenor of her experience, the suavity of her manners, the charity of her conversation, and the firmness of her faith and hope gave her qualifications for extensive usefulness in the church.--She was one of those bright lights which confound, overpower, and put to silence those scriptural views of some, who would literalize the whole system of experimental godliness.  In her deportment she was a bright example to the church and the world; that they should walk as she also walked.
     As she lived so she died, triumphantly; though she suffered much, yet not one complaining or fretful word escaped her lips, but on the contrary, her conversation was enrapturing, and often would she break out in extacies of praise to God; not a cloud darkened her sky, no doubt or fear rolled over her mind nor drove back her spirit in dread of being unprepared; the tendency of her spirit, as though by spiritual attraction, was turned with longing desire towards Heaven.  So conscious was she of her final safety, and so near did she bring the scenery of the better land by faith, that, surrounded by the endearments of life, she anxiously desired to depart and be with Christ, but patiently waited the driving up of the chariot of love to bear her off to her long sought rest.
     The church in Gallatin has lost one of its brightest ornaments, society an invaluable member, while a large circle of friends and relatives generally lament their loss.--She sleeps in Jesus and her spirit rests in Heaven.
                                                                 May my last end be like hers.

Initial transcription by Stan Magnesen.  Verified and prepared for the Web by Vanessa Slea.

2000 Vanessa Slea