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Tidbits from Daily Leaf Chronicle,
Clarksville, TN  (Wed.) June 23, 1897

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Personal References--Wheat Cutting and Tobacco Setting.

     RINGGOLD, June 23.--Mr. W. P. Hambaugh and daughter, Miss Virginia Belle, went up to Nashville this morning to be absent for several days attending the Confederate Reunion.
     Mr. T. L. Gray, the village blacksmith, continues very low.
     Dr. S. J. Rollow, of Kennedy, Ky., was in our village yesterday.
     Dexter Hambaugh, recently sick, is better to-day.
     Many of our young people enjoyed a delightful reception at the home of Mr. Cooksey last evening in honor of Misses Goodson and Smith.
     Misses Sallie and Ula Bourne, of St. Bethlehem, were the guests of Mr. T. H. Whitfield last Saturday and Sunday.
     Miss Maude Perkins, of Clarksville, is visiting Miss Lillian Hewell near this place.
     Our farmers are busy setting and re-setting tobacco since the recent fine rains. Much wheat has been cut and in a short while the busy hum of the thresher will be heard in our land. The flouring mills here have about ground out the old crop and are cleaning up and getting ready for a new one.



That Will Interest a Goodly Number of Our Readers

Who are to Be Found In Every Nook and Corner of This Section.

Special correspondence Leaf-Chronicle

     OAKLAND (near St. Bethlehem,) June 23,--The nice refreshing rains made souls glad in this neighborhood.  Every little fellow that can hold a tobacco peg can be seen wending his way down the long and tiresome tobacco rows.
     Wheat crops are looking well. Some have begun cutting.
     Pastor Burnet filled his appointment at Spring Creek Sunday. He has been gone a month to Indian Territory on a visit to relatives and for the benefit of his health. We are glad to see him back again. Bro. Hodge, pastor of Kirkwood, was with us and filled the appointment Sunday night.
     Miss Ruby Jones gave her Sunday-school class a picnic at Buck's spring Saturday. All the Sunday-school was invited and spent a pleasant day.
     Miss Fannie Boyd is visiting relatives in Hopkinsville.
     Miss Resa Harris left for Nashville this morning to visit relatives and attend the Centennial.
     Miss Mary Kennedy, who has been visiting friends near Trenton, Ky., returned home Sunday.
     Mr. George Hancock and family spent the day with Mrs. O. Pitt Sunday.
     Little Emma Childs is visiting her brother, Herbert Childs, of Clarksville.
     Mrs. Rollins and little son, Norman, while returning home Friday evening from a visit to her sister, Mrs. Holman, for some reason their horse began to back and ran the buggy down a steep bluff backwards. Help was secured and the animal was taken from the buggy. Fortunately its occupants escaped without being hurt.
     Miss Hilda Harris is visiting relatives on Spring Creek.
     Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Harris contemplate a visit to the Centennial next week.
     Tobacco worms are becoming numerous in this community. One little boy caught nine on one plant. It had just been set out. What will it be after a while?


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