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Tidbits from The Watchman,
Clarksville, Montgomery Co., TN
April 27, 1821

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Nashville, April 25.


     The Steam Boat General Robertson, Captain SMITH, arrived at this place on Saturday evening, in 22 days from New Orleans with full freight.
     About eight o’clock on the evening of the sixteenth instant, eight miles below Eddyville, one of her boilers bursted & by which unfortunate accident Mrs. STEVENS of this town was killed.  Mrs. DAVIS, Miss Sally M’CONNEI, Mr. A. B. M’QUIZ, of Kentucky, and a negro girl belonging to Mrs. DAVIS were so severely scalded that they lived but a few hours.  Mr. Henry BAILEY’s life is despaired of; Mr. DAWSON of this county, Mr. CRENSHAW, of Sumner and Mr. WHITESIDE of North Carolina were blown overboard, and were not found, two or three others were badly, though not dangerously scalded.
     The remains of those died on the boat, were interred at Eddyville.
     The injury done to the boat is inconsiderable—the cargo not at all damaged. 
     We are authorized to say that no blame is to be attached to the Captain or crew of the boat in consequence of this disaster, but to a flaw in one of the flues, which has the appearance of never having been sound.  If the blame is attributable to anyone, it is to the Engine Company of Cincinnatti, for putting a defective piece of iron in a part of the boiler which was not visible.
     The General Robertson will leave here this morning at 11 o’clock for New Orleans.


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